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Posted:i'm not finding any instruction on how to do the mexican weave on the hop poi lessons... anyone? and are there videos i can see of it?


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Posted:Try the "helpful advice threads" thread at the top of this forum. wink

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Posted:I learnt it by doing a BTB butterfly (to get used to both hands behind me) then a normal butterfly bring one hang above my shoulder, back to a butterfly, then the other hand untill I had my poi moving one in front one behind at all times.


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Posted:It has the same sort off motions as a windmill or corkscrew, but the poi are spinning opposite ways, as if from butterfly. If you can alternatly take your hands over your head while doing butterfly, you should be able to do it by bringing the poi into the horizontal plane and keeping the switching, over the head motion continuous.

Hope that helps
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Its a wave and not a weave. I dont know if you misunderstood or if it was just a typo. smile


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Posted:It's not a weave or a wave (or a particle (aaarrggh! physics joke! gag, splutter, etc...))

Them's butterfly shoulder reels! wink

Anyway; definitely not a weave.

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