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Posted:What are 10 things that make you happy?

Mine are:

-water (lakes & streams)
-smells (fall, grass, paraffin, baking)
-a really cold shower after the sauna
-talking to a friend that you haven't spoken to in ages
-starting/mastering a new skill
-driving that last 5 hour stretch of highway home
-flying my kite

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Posted:Nice thread!

-the feeling of warm sun on my skin
-a breaking ball that just catches the outside corner, freezing the batter
-tactics when applied and executed well
-the look on someone's face when he/she gets a wonderful surprise
-the sound of laughter from a happy child
-the constant struggle towards excellence
-a clear, starry sky
-helping someone to experience something new
-learning or experiencing something which feeds my soul
-a cat's purr




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Posted:10 things that make me happy=



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Posted:We did this awhile ago I was trying to find the old thread but gave up, I remember cassandra started the topic maybe she remembers the thread and we can bump it to the top.

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Posted:oh shit! dat would b 2 things that make me happy!
please exuse my dumbness!



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Posted:hmm... good question

writing my novel
spinning poi
having flying dreams
pubbing and clubbing
being with my friends
finding more people to support my campaign for Broadband Internet in Bradford on Avon
ask me in a year and this list will be different. I hope the Broadband campaign will have succeeded, and that I'll be flying in reality instead of just in my dreams.

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Posted:1. The smile of a beautiful woman.
2. Witnessing acts of kindness.
3. A good chess match.
4. Seeing two people in love.
5. Hearing stories of struggle and hope.
6. Spinning fire all alone on a mountain top.
7. Reading a good book with many plot twists.
8. The unconditional love of a pet.
9. The sound of children playing.
10. Lurking on this site and actually smiling at how genuinely nice people can be to each other.

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Posted:1) Helping someone
2) Laughing with someone
3) A good back massage
4) Spinning (duh)
5) Swimming
6) Being able to take some time out from studying and just basking in the wonder of it all.
7) Chocolate
8) Waking up to the sound of my alarm clock and then realizing that it's Saturday and I can just slap the thing off and go back to sleep.
9) Tea. I love tea. Herbal, black,'s all good.
10) Discovering something new and wonderful.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:friends and Love (this easily counts as more than 10, but heres are some more)
Hugs and smiles (actually this is the same as one)
To see my friends happy

Achieving goals
Movement Meditation (Contact juggling/contact staff and dancing)

Ok and some little things:
The feeling of the wamth of the sun in spring
children smiling
compassion and understanding
walm rain
coffee and fresh bread


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Posted:I am with Glass, so I will start my list with two of his:

Friends and love
Coffee & warm bread

Okay, I am counting it as two, even though it is four. Here is the rest:

teaching someone a new move & the pride they show in themselves when they get it
sleeping in late
touching the face of the one you love
wiggling my toes (don't laugh, just take of your shoes & socks & try it. Now didn't that make you happy?)
A good chat with a friend
fire twirling on a warm evening
dancing to good drum beats

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Posted:1. being in a position where i can say i actually LIKE my family
2. fresh warm bread
3. chocolate milk `
4. having someone you love call you unexpectatly
5. clean sheets and smooth skin and lazy sunday mornings
6. a good book you cant put down...
7. surprise letters!
8. HUGZ!
9. the peanut joke, anything to do with peanuts really...
10. absolutely absurd stories that you can make up with other ppl!

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gloomy weather
chinese checkers
funny jokes
really good smilies
and FIRE!!!!

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Posted:10 things that I like... hmmmm

Number one has to be Valura... or else I'll get my head bitten off...
Number two would be this site
Number three, the smell of cooking waffles... mmmmm
Number three is that feeling of not forgeting something
Number five fire... and burning things... and watching them burn... and melt and smoke and... and...
Number six reading the bible backwards... it's so good to read it as we're all going to die to life starts
Number seven learning the btb weave...that was fun... no wait... that was painful...
Number eight is knowing that I only have two more of these to do.
Number nine is acting like a monkey and humping peoples legs... and chasing after them.
Number ten just being my self...

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Posted:1 hugging
2 holding someone I love
3 sex
4 an orgasm after a really long session of #3
5 a really good back rub
6 losing it on the dancefloor (dance meditation like Glass said)
7 connecting with everyone on the dancefloor and feeling the combined rush
8 chocolate chip cookies dipped in milk
9 real french brie on toast
10 catching my staff after throwing it 20 feet in the air (and with the music!)


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Posted:1. Meeting new and cool people
2. Compliments!
3. Getting all my work done so I'm worry-free
4. Driving in a car, when its raining, by myself, listening to all my favourite music
5. Errol
6. Having the feeling like youre finally in control of your life
7. Coffee and cigarettes
8. Sitting on top of the heating vent when its on with a fat doona around you
9. Getting a massage with my new scented massage oils
10. Seeing my sister hit richard with her midget arm and say "so you reckon my sister is a liar eh? ERROL LIKES IT!"

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Posted:1) The happiness in a person when you show them kindness.
2)Drinking Green tea when under a tin roof and listening to the rain hitting the roof.
3)Punk Shows
4)My fish tank
6)being in the company of nice people
7)True love
8)Not having to go to school
9)Fishing (fly or otherwise)
10)Being happy with my life

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Niagara Falls
Carving Pumpkins --Wahoo Halloween is coming up
Cute Emoticons
Parties in the outdoors
Crazy sunsets
Fruit Shakes in the morning
My sunroom


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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Ivan Newton:
Let's see (Im putting my thinking cap on ).
10 minutes later my actual brain starts working.

1.Been the Best person i can be (that list can go on).
3.My little sister's.
4.Running to be free
5.Learing the poi's and now staff
7.Makeing love (what's that there is a difference between sex & love).
9.Me Been Crazy !
10.THE gifted people on this page
man hope I did that right?
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Posted:I had to think long and hard about this one - there's a lot more than 10 things that make me feel better, but not many that make me feel really happy. having said that, in no particular order:

the feel of cool water on hot skinbeing nice and warm, tucked up in bed when it's cold outsideremembering my wierd dreamsnailing a new movethe incredably relaxed feeling all my muscles have after a really good, long stretchsitting around with my friends doing nothing in particuar, and not worrying about getting up the next morning for workthunderstorms - really big ones with lots of thunder and lightningstill warm, freshly baked bread slathered in butter
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Posted:This thread is awesome....

Number One~ Snuggling my new baby girl.

Number Two~ My boyfriend Nate, he is the light in the darkness.

Number Three~ Going to an SCA event.

Number Four~ Walking to the time clock to punch out at the end of an 8 hour shift.

Number Five~ A Rhomba-Mocharina with extra chocolate from Grandfields Espresso in Tacoma...mmmm

Number Six~ The smell of Nate a couple hours after he put his cologne on.

Number Seven~ A really coke (in the bottle) shortly after it's come out of the freezer.

Number Eight~ Of course, Poi, it is one of my top ten.....

Number Nine~ Getting to sleep in late, and waking up curled up next to I getting sappy yet....

Number Ten~ Sitting around with my friends, doing nothing but goofing off, and maybe watching a movie....

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