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Posted:So, after 12 weeks of not spinning, a few weeks of looking at my poi and wondering if all my body memory would be gone, after wondering if my skill had fled my body, I picked up the comet poi yesterday and fled to an obscure corner of the backyard where if anyone saw me knock myself senseless, it would only be the neighbors dog.

And do you know what? I could do it still. I couldn't spin hard or long as the cardio work-out aspect of it really was a work out for my lungs (which is good in a way) and there were a few moves I was working on before I went into the hospital which I need to start over again on, but I finally sucked it up and did it! Obviously I am not show quality yet, I didn't expect to be. It was nice to hear the flutter of the tails and feel the resistance of the wind.

I just wanted to share with all that I finally am making more progress towards recapturing what for me was a normal life...and damn! it feels good!

Many hugs!

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Posted:Fair play to you girl for getting back out there and going at it again!!!
Well, you know you can still do it so just take it easy and keep plugging away.

Good for you!!!!

whats up with all the limitations?



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Posted:Very cool!
Keep on spinning!



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Posted:Well done for going back again!
Glad your life is turning back to "normal"

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some of us NEVER doubted, Pele.

molten cheers,

~ FireMike (personal messages welcome, no promo spam, please!)
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Posted:Nice one

I think to a certain extent, once the body has done something enough times, it just remembers it pretty much straight away if called to do it again.

It's happened to me quite a few times - I had to stop kayaking when I went to uni, but when I came back after a year and went paddling again, I could still do the majority of the moves I could before I left.

Also, after breaking my wrist in january, I had to stop spinning for 6 months - when I got the all clear from the physiotherapist to have a go again, I could still do all the moves I could do beforehand, and even managed a few that I hadn't managed to do before (although I think that was due to watching people at PIP in June) - I couldn't spin for as long before my arms were too tired, but that came back pretty quickly.

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.


flash fire
flash fire

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Posted:can I say I told you so??

btw - I love the way you write your words can be so engrossiing at times, and the fluidity and progression of text is simply delightful.

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Posted:yay Pele!!! Ohh that rymes

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Posted:That made me smile so much. I am imagining your joy, and revelling in it.

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:Welcome back, PELE!!!!

And to think you were considering giving it all up. PSHAW!!!

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Yay, Pele!
Doesn't it feel kind of like coming home?

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Posted:Pele, beautiful soul, *hugz*
I agree with Kali... welcome HOME!

Currently on the right side up of the world.



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Posted:THis is the best news of the day

I am *really* happy for you ister

::off to email you NOW::

spin on dream on shine on

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Posted:You are my hero Pele. Fire nearly took your life and yet you are back at it again. You will soon be the Grand master of Fire methinks

You. Its whats for dinner!

As time passes, you realise all the mistakes you amde and the ones you wish you never did make.

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Posted:*victory dance for Pele*
yah, yah, ohh ahh ahh....
*jumps and lands on his back, gives Pele a weak thumbs up*
way to go.....
*lays down in utter pain*
not really the gymnastic type i guess.....

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Posted:Pele, that's great news.

Bet it wont be long before you are up to performance standard again

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