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filthy 23
filthy 23

Location: USA
Member Since: 22nd Nov 2003
Total posts: 136
Anyone in Mexico?
I'm going from July 1 - 15th 2005
IM me if you know where all the poi action is!

Cualquiera en Mxico?
Voy de julio 1 - 15 2005
IM m si usted sabe donde toda la accin de poi es!

Estar yendo a:

Mexico City
El Tajin near Papantla


I AM working.

Location: Mexico D.F.
Member Since: 14th Jun 2008
Total posts: 2
Posted:hello i live in Mexico city and no i don't know where, its not so much popular in the Mexico city, but if your coming, please contact me, my mail is panchoavendano@hotmail.com
so if you are thinking about of performance whit anywhere, please let me know, i wold join you or just look you, i don't know any poi spinner

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