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I have an arts week at school next week and would love the children to have a go at making some poi. They are 7 years old so something fairly simple. I have string, parachut material and can get most things - any ideas for how to do it?

thank you!

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make simple sock poi out of the matrial or use the material to make tails
use something soft as weight if they are going to spin them UCOF "evolution: Poi -> stick -> hoops -> devil stick -> juggling club -> juggling ball -> crayons."

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balloon filled with rice, grain, cereal popped inside a pair of their long football/school socks. that's what i do with my 4 and 5 year olds. it only hurts them if they whack their eyes. which shouldn't happen too often. my state of mind creates my world

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Bunches up news paper with a string tied around it for a hand with a cover of fabric over the hole thing. It's something that they can do with minimal help and it doesn't hurt when they hit themselves. Growing old is mandatory; growing up is NOT.
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i ran into this problem last sunday when i had to teach a class of thirty 4-9 year olds how to make and spin poi.
we ended up using tennis-ball poi (where you drill a hole in a tennis ball, cut a 3 or 4 centimeter slit in the opposite side, push the string through the drill hole then pull it out through the slit, tie a knot in the string then pull it back inside the tennis ball. the string is now attached to the tennis ball so that it cant fly off and hit anyone in the head!! you can also tie finger loops in the other end of the string) hope that made sense.... Proudly owned by the very cute Pineapple Pete. Owner of Noddy. Joint owner of Mr Majestik.

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Thanks guys! Had a go with making some out of tights with rice in the bottom then cut some strips of parachut material for the tails. I got my friends daughter to have a go and shes made some good ones this afternoon and has been playing with them in the garden - so ill let you know how it goes with 30 kids this week!