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Posted:Hi guys,

I was chatting to a girl I recently met and found she was one of the few people I've ever chatted to that does the same thing as me. Such as, when you are, for example, waiting for some good news or similar, and you've been waiting for aaaages (be it from a week or two, to like, a year of hard work say, i.e. getting into the course you wanted).. when the good news HAPPENS and you GET the job you desperately wanted, or get the place in the course, you can't believe it.

In fact, you kind of feel, even when you're in that position i.e. job or studying in the course you want, you still have niggling doubts as to whether you're actually supposed to be there (i.e. did they maybe make a mistake) or whether something will happen to negate whatever good that just lifted you up and made you feel like you were flying. (Before the doubt sets in I guess!)

It's weird! I'm working on it, cos it sometimes detracts a bit from the good, I'm not taking it too seriously though ubbrollsmile

Does anyone else do this???

Feels a bit silly ubbloco

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linden rathen
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linden rathen

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Posted:lol i do
it always bums me out so i try to ignore it and go and find some friends to party with

i think its probably due to paranoia



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Posted:Not really, though just had some top luck. (means I keep my job after I screwed up)
I am generally one of those lucky ones lots of people hate, even when everything goes wrong somethiong always turns up good for me.
It seems the more i plan things the luckier i get....

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.


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Posted:i think alot of it is a state of mind thing.....i used to be like that, but ive learnt that good things happen when your positive about them.

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Posted:oh, thats me all over, it takes a long time to actually go, "ok, this is real, they chose you, it's not a mistake, and you deserve this."

Up until then you are waiting for the catch,have an uneasy feeling that its too good to be true and that something bad will happen now.

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