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Posted:The other day I found some popcorn in my belly button, it is odd because I hadnt had popcorn since like 2 weeks before at the cinema, and ive certainly washed (at least once wink ) since then.... so how this happened is a mystery.!

Has anyone else found interesting things in their belly button or any other orifices for that matter, be careful this thread may not be suitable for minors wink

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Posted:ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol
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Posted:I know it's not odd but why is it after I quit smoking I tidy my room and find a perfect fag under my bed!?!



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Posted:Found a spider in my belly button. It was all alive and stuff.

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Posted:I found a baked bean in my ear once.

Its not so weird- i hade been in a food fight.

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Posted:I found a roach in my boot when I was travelling in Africa. The first I knew was the *cruch* and goo all over the inside of my boot...

And I know I should have shaken my boots out before I put them on, but cut me a break, I was 7 at the time...

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Posted:i found a spider in my nose... it was dead...

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Posted:i once stood on a pencil, the lead went in to my foot and snapped, while in there. a week latter, i had a splinter from seom wood, in my finger, i deep one, and out of my finger came a piece of lead. ttue story. now im not sayin the lead traveled up the length of my body but....

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Posted:I never find anything interesting in my belly button, just blue lint... frown


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Posted:If anyone finds my pyjama bottoms can I have them back? they're blue.

Found a plectrum in my shoe once. I have no connection with guitars in any way, shape or form.

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Posted:I once found a bee in my hair..
I was brushing it, and felt something snag and I looked in my brush and there was a bee... I was lucky it hadn't stung me or anything

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linden rathen
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linden rathen

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Posted:Icer - it could have got into your blood and been pumped around - it happens

i once found a bee that had flown into my ear tongue



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