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Sir Nuggit

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Posted:How about week of the ex's?

I was out and about on Saturday for a friends birthday and ran in to an ex of mine. We broke up civilly so we still get on (mostly via e-mail as she's away at uni) and I haven't seen her since the beginning of the year. When I ran in to her, I couldn't help think that she looked better now than she did then, whereas I was all scruffy after a long day at the orifice!

THEN, I got a phone call from another ex on my way home from the concert this morning (01:00) asking if I fancied a coffee and catch up??

THEN, just outside the orifice having a schmoke when a bus pulls past me and my mate. I don't know what made me turn around and look but as I did, there she was, the best (and worst) thing to have ever happened to me (in the way of relationships) and she looked up at exactly the same time! I did a double-take and could only manage a look of utter surprise and possibly a little bit of fright, as she did. We smiled at each other as the bus drove off, but it wasn't a polite smile, or a shy smile, not even a pleasant one at that. Indescribable really. I was left with my heart pounding, my stomach churning and the inabilty to think for a few moments. (I must be coming down with something).

BUT, we finished ages ago, so what the hell happened? And she looked better too!

Why DO ex's look so much better after not seeing them for a while? Change? Absence? Desire? Discuss!

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linden rathen
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linden rathen

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Posted:murpheys law tongue

its probably something to do with tthe fact that their ex's makes it kinda taboo to do anything with them again (only kinda) so its a bit like forbidden fruit - things you no longer can have tongue

thats what i think niway



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Posted:Some ex's look better, but most for me look much worse! I guess its because i know what they are really like.

Though, i dont really have to worry about seeing ex's as i've moved states and i'm still with my only girlfriend from south australia. As of yesterday she's put up with me for 11 months biggrin Thanks Adya kiss

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