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Location: salisbury wiltshire
Member Since: 15th Apr 2004
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Posted:SALISBURY go tommorow its an amazing night, poi everywhere, fun natural music, celebration of the longest day. Buses and trains to salisbury run regularly and the local bus comapany are doing a bus service to and from the stones. Entry is free (cept bus fair), so come along and have a good night so i can meet some more poi people. YAY juggle weavesmiley weavesmiley weavesmiley ubbrollsmile juggle

Hold my breath when you are near
so i don't have to breath you in
look away before i start to endorse
your eyes full of hate and remorse
in to the eye of another
be the silence that screams

linden rathen
linden rathen

Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: London, UK
Member Since: 2nd Mar 2005
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Posted:arghhh wish i could but salisbury is just a littttleeeee too far for me to go :P



old hand
Location: India/Bristol
Member Since: 4th Apr 2001
Total posts: 904
Posted:Think im gonna head over to Avebury with some of the Chimera crew. Ive been to Stonehenge the last few years and for sure it is amazing but..................NO FIRE - NO good!!!
So if anyones over in Avebury - look out for the rather large Fire Snakes
Happy Solstice ubbrollsmile

Feel the Flame

Internet Hate Machine
Location: They seek him here, they seek ...
Member Since: 26th May 2004
Total posts: 10530
Posted:cannae make it this year smile

I live damn close to it though, so Ill go next year bounce

The existance of flamethrowers says that someone, somewhere, at sometime said "I need to set that thing on fire, but it's too far away."


Location: Berkshire, UK
Member Since: 2nd Apr 2003
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Posted:bit far for me too, would love to go but I'm skint n Ady is working 2moro so no chance of it, I will make a solstice at stonehenge one day I guaruntee it


[psylocibin fingerbobe].
Location: London
Member Since: 11th Dec 2004
Total posts: 479
Posted:Midsummer already?


Can't believe it's half-past 2005 already!


remembers when it was all fields round here
Location: in the works... somewhere...
Member Since: 27th Feb 2003
Total posts: 2790
Posted:Are you coming too, MarkMark? smile

"I thought you are man, but
you are nice woman.




[psylocibin fingerbobe].
Location: London
Member Since: 11th Dec 2004
Total posts: 479
Posted:Ah.. Would love to - infact had I thought about it in advance I would have booked extra time off work for it.

But I forgot (again!).. feck... arse...

I shall just have to build a miniture stonehenge out of weetabix in my garden.

And make little hippy lego people dance around it at dawn smile


slack rating - 9.5
Location: Suburbiton, Yoo-Kay
Member Since: 3rd Sep 2003
Total posts: 2216
Posted:ubblol you might be on to something there!

It is our fantasies that make us real. Without our fantasies we're just a blank monkey' - Terry Pratchett

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