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Posted:bin poing for a few weeks can do 3 and 5 beat but im having trouble with the 7 beat any suggestions? ta

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Posted:Try and stretch or grow your arms!

When you cross them make sure that you start crossing them as far up as possible, if that makes sense, so you can then keep twisting them round each other.

It's an ugly move, but worth being able to do I spose.

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Posted:Good tutorial vids:

Mot's place

Personally, I found Mot's place to be more helpful.


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Posted:Been poiing for a few weeks? And you've got 5 beat? man... I dont know 5 beat, and I've never seen a seven beat.... and ive been poiing for years biggrin

fair play to you... Mot's place is awesome cool go there smile

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Posted:Keep in mind there are 7bt variations as well. You don't necessarily have to twist your arms up like the first link. The "Inversions, Insides..." thread has a few of them, you can also do through-wraps (the second link) and probably a few other techniques.

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Posted:and i have only got the hang of the butterfly

god help me after looking at them lessons i have [censored] co ordination

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Posted:Dont worry... Youre not missing out on much not knowing the 7 beat. It does have a few applications they're limited at best. I can do the 7 beat but pretty much never use it. There are much more fun things you can spend your time learning.

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Posted:i got it after goin to mots place. its good to get it, but everyone is right, its more of a technical move than anything i think. ppl watchin who dont do poi themselves wont see much different between a 5 and a 7, and the 5 is SOOOOO much smoother. the 7 is alot of effort for mot much gain, however i did learn, if only to say that i can do it. its good to know that you can do it if you want...even if you never want to...

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Posted:good evening dear, well being your mentor and all together friend i will leave you with this thought, please dont surpass me!!!!
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