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Posted:Hi all, discovered this post is a doppelganger..

Further discussion on this post is here:


Cheers smile


Heard from one of the girls down at Roma St drumming this was going on.. was asked to relay the message to the firetwirlers..

Unfortunately, it clashes with that massive drumming event (though that's expected to end around 10.. this one's supposed to go on to 12)



Saturday June 25th

Northey Street City Farm

16 Victoria St Windsor.

Live music, Kids Entertainment,

Performance Art & Farm Tours

from 4pm.

Yummy Organic Dinner

$7 & $4 4pm7pm



Raychel Stone,


Live performances & others.

Roving Entertainment,

Fire twirling, Bonfire

& much more.

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Posted:What big drumming event, Ry?

Thanks for posting this, the city farm is a great place (my compost is still thriving with the multi generational descendents of the bucket of worms I got there 7 years ago!)

So I will intend going there... earlier rather than later though

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Posted:What massive drumming event? The only one I can think of is that Goodwill drumming thing, Elliot's rhythmic procession, but that's not til the end of July (or so I've read).

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Posted:Ill be in stonehege having summer solstice, have a good winter one guys ill b spinning here too YAY

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so i don't have to breath you in
look away before i start to endorse
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in to the eye of another
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