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OK, pesky winter is gone and so is my excuse for not picking up poi in months. So now it's time to dust off my box of poi moves and go out and get some more. I figure if I publicly write down my goals for the next two months, I might have a better chance of actually getting them met.

My poi goals for the summer are:

Become a Freehanding Newbie

Gumbys/Catchcombos with Fire

Learn Flowers and How to Turn Them

Learn Split Time Glowstick Wraps

Freehanding with Fire

BTB fountain or a Waistwrap

I'll be happy to get 4/6 of them.

And I say this all the time and fail, but I want to get some logic and presentation to my spins. They need a beginning, middle and and end. Maybe uberpoi will save me. frown

... And don't get killed by a fire plate or hoop. But that's not poi and more of a life goal. wink

What are your poi goals for this summer?

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_Clare_BRONZE Member
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"but more importantly, I had a kick ass summer! I met loads of cool people, went to loads of festivals and learned loads of cool tricks! So I don't really mind if my goals went by the wayside. It was awesome, can't wait till next year... "

Yep, the lady (mcp) said it (in the staff thread). hug

I progressed backwards biggrin

Met inspirational people. Stopped learning moves. Tried to dance instead.

Tis much more amusing. smile

PS: oh yes, and decided to leave journalism to set up a fire performance group for a while. shrug biggrin biggrin

Getting to the other side smile

SinnerBRONZE Member
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my mission for this summer (and the rest of life cos its gonna take so damn long) is anti spin flowers!!
they look sooo cool...
that and the reverse 5 beat, and other groobvy looking shoulder and hip reel combos wink

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I just realised i get another summer 2005 (in nz) so i guess i should think of some nice goals.

1) get to nz
2) buy a landrover FC101
3) Learn some contact staff
4) Poi Freestyle fludily using wibbles/tangles/boxes/atomics/inversions in equal measure
5) Learn to spin 2 diabolo left handed so i can free up my freestylin potential.


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LazyAngelGOLD Member
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Summer was awesome. Learnt lots (much of it concept stuff) and I got to go to some excellent parties biggrin
then i had to write my dissertation and stop going to parties frown
so... next summer, my goals are:
more travel
more festivals
more parties
more good times
biggrin hug

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VampyricAcidSILVER Member
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Goal for NEXT summer, CamPoi, Spinning, Music, Tents, Fires, Food, and PEOPLE!!!!

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alphalightGOLD Member
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this summer was enlighting
lots of traveling with the sun

spain convention in hirun

austrian convention graz and oh i forgot

french convention paris + strassbourg



german convention

all the festivals

and gomera reloading the summer

merci beaucoup to all the lightpeople and keybringer i met from a to z
u are all presents of the universe for me

i was looking for the essence of poi where it could move in the future

-its a universe lets get all on a spaceship and find new interesting inspirational xtra dimensional circles and dance to it

try to feel the poiwave coming to europe
- its big !!
full of new poiple coming out this year and next year boom

peace light and tigerbalm

peace and light

_becks_SILVER Member
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summer is over but didnt hav much chance to spin,
gonna hav to venture out into the cold nites!

Also, goal for winter: spin in the snow. ubbloco

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one down (rev 5bt), four to go...

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faith enfireBRONZE Member
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shall we do 2006 goals

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hah, nice leprior, im sure by the end of summer youd be rockin it, just dont be discouraged if you dont get anywhere within the first week, it will require practice. My goal is to have a rave at my house, get about 30 people from school, and do some crazy ass staff poi.

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My goal this summer is to learn the weave!
I started on my plan this week - I can make the movement with one poi and I can do the first beat with 2... redface

colemanSILVER Member
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2006 goals?

well, i had a look back and have completed all of my 2005 poi goals but i still haven't learnt to juggle clubs.

so, my new (slightly more realistic) juggling targets for this summer are:
50 catches of 4 clubs
a bit of triple single with 4 clubs
inverse 5 ball cascade and half shower
juggle a 5b trick for 4 rotations

and poi:
finish writing polyrhythm poi thread and re-write the workshop
get green fingers in reverse (i.e spin flowers with backwards arms)
learn antispin weave in reverse
learn all the odd-beat-numbered btb wallplane stuff (i.e. all the weaves without carries)

lots of other things on the go too, juggling-related and not - this will be a busy year... biggrin

cole. x

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_khan_SILVER Member
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yay! I love goals. Having goals is good.

For poi:

--fully integrate waist-wraps and forwards btb weave. I can do them, but not transition into and out of them smoothly

--get the btb weave 360 turn. I can turn from forwards to reverse but not back to forwards.


Mostly though, I'll be working on contact juggling and hoop manipulation. For both ball and hoop (hand hoops) my goals are:

--get clean isolations

--behind the neck rolls

--clean up what I can already do and get things more consistent

with the ball, I want to get spirals down, and the outer elbow stall on both arms.

With the hula hoop my only goal is to be able to do more by Burning Man than I can do now.

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