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Posted:Ok, well I've been asked if I would be able to run a stage of some kind throughout the day at this years Ambient Picnic (

So I thought I might try and put a mini-show on a mini-stage and see what happens smile

It hasn't been confirmed yet, so this is just a tentative look-see to gather whether anyone would want to do a show of any-kind on the day.

Bear in mind, it closes at 9pm, so fire/uv/glow things aren't an option - but if anyone wants to do anything (although preferably "juggly" ) for between 5-15 minutes - chuck yer name down here.

I don't think anyone's going to get paid for this, but you'll get free entry and obviously publicity and a chance to perform on a stage...

Oh, I could really use a compre of some kind as I don't like speaking to crowds

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