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Posted:does anyone know where i can find out more

i recently bought myself a steel fan and the only place i have seen any is a brief clip on the new diabology video, which is actually the performance i saw that inspired me to get one.
if anyones interested they make a wicked noise and are pleasantly different from anything else. thankx

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Posted:hi!I'M looking 4 some fan videos..there are some?!?!

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tired to watch videos,let's go juggling in the street.


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Posted:true kung fu forms and maybe some belly dancing, those things would go well with fans,
i know from the tai chi/kung fu that you can take out a guy who has a sword with just a paper fan if you do it right devil
and belly dancing as...mmmm wiggle, and also the hand movements seam to get very well with it

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Posted:tai chi fan forms not my cup of tea but heres some resorce:
br>has a chen tai chi fan form clip.
br>has an old one, with a very strange music on it....
br>not watches any of these...

or if you are one sick puppy get DC++ find out the address to the [KFF] public hub and log on to that.




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Posted:If you can find The Young Master by jackie Chan.

Theres a whole bit where he does some fan tricks.

Good for getting ideas.

In an interview he said anyone can do it, given 300 odd takes and a trip to the record books....


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