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Posted:Hello acty types.

How would you like to go to the Big Green Gathering this year for free? Plus you get the chance to do lots of Exciting acting and workshops.

We're looking for some more people to join our theatre troupe. Our style is really collaborative, every body has equal input into our performances. We specialise in abstract and Physical theatre and also contact dance.

We're looking for people who are really interested in acting as there is a possibility of taking our performances further and making a bit of money from it after the BGG.

If you are interested, you need to be able to travel to various locations around the south, mostly Salisbury ( which is a direct line from London) or Brighton. you also need to available for rehearsals on Saturdays (daytime (So we can all party afterwards)) up to the first week in August and available for performances between the 3rd and 7th August.

If you wanna know more, or want to come and audition, then please PM me.

It's gonna be so much fun. ubbloco

kisses and Bubblelove

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Posted:Sounds like a fantastic offer (except not-for-me as it's the same weekend as Big Chill)

A slight problem with you troupe:

Won't they forget their lines after getting mashed up on 6 pills in the hardcore tent?



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Posted:I know you'd get a lot of interest in this from Southampton Firespinning smile

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