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Posted:Hey I'm an aussie that will be heading over to NZ for a working holiday this month. I would really love to meet up with some fellow twirlers, I don't have any concrete plans, but will probably limit my travels to the south island initially and will be around Christchurch and Queenstown in the next few weeks. If you are a twirler, or know of a twirling group in these areas, please drop me a line...

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Posted:i know there's not much on south island.... just dunedin really... but have a look


other than that i'm pretty sure there is a juggling school in Christchurch....

depending on the weather there might be buskers around (there was when i was down south... but that was summer)... i'd talk to them....

i'm sure you'll meet other poiers travelling,

oh and check the meet others section....

auckland fire nights have finished now cos its too cold! so i'd try check ahead for other meets....

hope you find what your looking for
take care
have fun!


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