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So he has been cleared of all charges and offences.


Im very happy for him as he is such an incredible musician and sucxh an awesome dancer, I believe it to be a shame if he was locked up.

Does anyone have any thoughts and opinions on this verdict? What did you the verdict would be?


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pricklyleafpricklyleafSILVER Member
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intresting, I still can't work out whether h is innocent or guilty. He certainly has mental problems though. Good for him if he is innocent. And I agreee he is a great musician and dancer, it would be a sad moment in music history. Even though he hasn't come ut with much recently. I don't know.

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PelePeleBRONZE Member
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I think he is innocent, just eccentric. I think he has a child's sense of right and wrong because he has never learned otherwise.

And being eccentric isn't illegal, just strange.

And while I don't agree with many of the publicized choices he has made, as long as he hasn't hurt anyone...I am good with it.

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=Flashpoint==Flashpoint=SILVER Member
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ditto to Pele


DurbsDurbsBRONZE Member
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Je suis happy

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filthy 23filthy 23BRONZE Member
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yippee!!! I'm glad that he's free, we really don't need one more successful black man locked up here... seems obvious Sony was after his wealth by trying to get him a felony conviction so he'd default on his contract and they'd get rights to his copyright catalog!~ fart knockers!

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DoktorSkellDoktorSkellSILVER Member
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Very interesting verdict.
i thought he was guilty all along

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PrometheusPrometheusDiamond In The Rough
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It bugs me when people disagree with a trial verdict, celebrity or otherwise. It's not that I like Michael Jackson, I'm really kind of neutral on the whole thing. But I've had to endure listening to a lot of people who just automatically labelled him guilty since the day he was charged. Regardless of how someone acts, looks or thinks, no one but the people in the courtroom are prepared to make that assessment. Unless you heard all the testimony verbatim, you have no right to say what should've happened to him.
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NateNateBRONZE Member
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very good quote there pometheus

im glad he was freed, i;ve always liked him apart from his face, but i;m sure thats not entirely his fault

wooh, horay for freedom, breathe the free mans air micheal

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PyroWillPyroWillGOLD Member
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The rise and fall of a great man, im just glad now the world can kinda rest and go ok jacko didnt do what they all said he did

good for him, jacko your welcome to come spin with me any day

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ShuShuBRONZE Member
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i don't think he was guilty... the guy may be wierd, and pretty much an artistic genious! (think van gogh) Crazy ppl!

but they're still brilliant in thier respective genre's!

I think tht beacause MJ is such a wierd and high profile celeb... it was bound to happen sometime, where someone would attempt to take advantage!

weather he is actually innocent or guilty... i can't really comment, i wasnt there and i did not sit in on the trial with all the evidence and stuff! i find it laughable how many people (was listening to call-in comments on the radio this morn) are able to convict and they don't know the whole story!

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Sakura_MoonSakura_MoonHop's Kitten Jester.
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When the trial was going on, he did seem a little...eccentric and all that
I believe, if he was guilty, he can go to hell.
If hes innocent, hes the victim of a crime so disgusting it makes me want to go and beat the head in of gold diggers.
The jury decided he isnt guilty.
So...whatever, thats fine.
I hate it how the media didnt let him keep much dignity tho

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flidflidBRONZE Member
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i think the evidence was lowesy, the prosecution flakey, and that the truth will never be known. I am happy that they voted in favour of innocent until proven guilty, something which the US has gotten a bad rap for not doing recently. I don't think the defence has proven however that these events didn't happen thou, which is why I don't think that Michael Jackson's careers will ever recover fully. I'm pretty sure that people who arn't 100% convinced he's innocent are likely to buy as many records as those who are sure he's guilty. Of course thou, people do seem to have very short memories...... Personally, I wasn't there, I haven't heard all the evidence and I don't think it's for me to pass judgement. If I was to convict him on the basis that I hate his music and he looks a bit funny then the same could really be said about me smile

mycomycoBRONZE Member
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i honestly don't know what i believe. generally i think if a kid says they've been hurt, then they've been hurt. this is such an atypical case though. i think that going through the court system, being a focus of worldwide media and having so many people throughout the world decide for themselves whether or not you lied about it would be more tramatic for a kid than the actual abuse. whatever actually happened, the kid involved will carry scars from this experience forever.

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I think he isnt even eccentric, what would you do when you had more money than you could spend...

anyway I hope that he is going to make music for us (the world, the people) again

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hexagonichexagonicClubbles Jugs
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smile glad he was found innocent

Shame the media wasted sooooo much time and money over following the whole case and reporting back the nothing 'news' from the court each day. I hate long cases such as these, where the end day is the only one that is interesting, the other 90 odd days are mere speculation.

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JauntyJamesSILVER Member
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Personally, I think he really did it, it was just that the prosecution didn't to their job and they left a reasonable doubt. I'm just worried that he's going to think that he's invincible now.

Whatever MJ really did, those parents really take the cake. Letting their child sleep in the same bed with a 45 year old man? That's got bad parenting written all over it.


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_Aime__Aime_SILVER Member
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Mt mum came out with a cracker last night after watching the verdict.

'the best verdict money can buy'

im inclined to think that there is no smoke without fire, although some poeple have billowed the smoke...

I don't know what to think *shrug*

vanizevanizeSILVER Member
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the verdict took so long that clearly some of the jurours had their doubts about his innocence. but it is america, and at least there are a few things that still make sense there, like "innocent until proven guilty"

as for disagreeing with a jury verdict, well, juries are imperfect things, and I think disagreeing with them is well within the realm of reasonable reactions. in this case, I have to admit that i still suspect Mr. Jackson of imperpriety of some sort, though perhaps not on the level he was accused (and it may be this very thing the jury argued over).

I may be somewhat biased though - I actually met Micheal Jackson when I was 13 back in 1983 (my dad was someone he wanted to meet, so we and a few other VIPs were given a suite at the concert arena and met with him after the show). He actually creeped me out a bit even then, despite my teenage awe of his then super-stardom at its height, and he didn't even look bizzare yet.


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Pink...?Pink...?BRONZE Member
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I am glad they found him innocent.

I didn't know what he was, whether he was innocent or not. I think i slanted slightly towards the innocen - i thought that people were just after his money.

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DuncDuncGOLD Member
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What? It's amazing what coclucsions can be drawn without any facts or evidence. Amie, MJ HAS NO MONEY! He's skint, completely, his spending habits have landed him in more debt that his current income can cover, he's living off asset values and that's pretty much it (as was shown in the trial). But as Chopper Reid said "never let facts get in the way of a good yarn" eh wink

I won't even start to rant about that mindless pedophilia comment.....except....stop being so paranoid! Adults and children can share sleeping space WITHOUT abuse you know rolleyes Jeeeees......

Personally, I think the kid was pushed into it, when asked about the abuse in the trial he showed no emotion; no denial, fright, remorse, guilt, anger, or any of the usual psycho analytical conditions. He just reeled off what happenned...almost like it was scripted for him eek But when he spoke about not being let into Neverland anymore to play he got really anxious, upset and quite angry on the stand. Hmmmm...strange? I don't think so.
Almost like his mother (who sued a department store for 30k and the next week signed on for social benefits and somehow "forgot" to declare her very recently cashed cheque) had done it before....oh hang on she has, three times.

I've watched a few of the trials on TV, Sky has been re-enacting the daily issued court notes (which of course can be 'acted' any way they please) and I've seen various news articles of the more unbiased and neutral type who have shown no allegiance nor rebutal of MJ's innocence during the trial and can say that it seems, yet again, that he was the attempt of a fraudulant attempt to gain money from him via the means of a lawsuit using his personality and obvious mental dis-abilities against him.

I mean come on, they even called that 40m golden ticket Jody guy to the stand and STILL didn't believe him enough to find precedent in MJ's behavioural patterns!

In a way I'm glad he was too skint to pay off the kid (ahem...mother) this time as he was wrongly advised to last time. He was forced to prove his innocence and I'm glad that all 12 jurors unanimously tried him innocent. I'm a big believer in democracy and justice *cough*the american way*cough* as a whole and results like this make me happier than I was the day before yesterday.

Oh and I'm not an MJ fan by the way, he had some funky beats in the 80's but that's about it. I don't really understand how he sailed to the atmospheric heights that he did but lets hope he can start making some decent music again sometime soon to pay off his freakin huuuuuge legal bill.


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Hubert_CumberdaleHubert_CumberdaleSILVER Member
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Perhaps Michael aught to be more careful who he dishes to alchohol out to at Neverland in future wink

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DuncDuncGOLD Member
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But he didn't dish any out to children, as was proven in Court wink

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flidflidBRONZE Member
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Written by: vanize

but it is america, and at least there are a few things that still make sense there, like "innocent until proven guilty"

Exactly, that's why he should never visit Cuba tongue

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It wasnt proved in court that he didnt... simply that 12 or however many people it was all believed that he didnt wink

CrazyHippyChickSILVER Member
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i wish sum one had dished alcohol out to me when i was a child

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Written by: Unnamed Cutie On Front

It wasnt proved in court that he didnt... simply that 12 or however many people it was all believed that he didnt wink

Actually, all they had to believe was that there was not enough evidence to convict. The jury may still think he did it, just not beyond a reasonable doubt. And it seems like the mother of the accused was crazy enough to project reasonable doubt on just about anything.

I feel badly for the kid. He loses no matter what the 'truth' is.

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MikeGinnyMikeGinnyGOLD Member
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The more I think about it, I don't think Jackson did anything criminal.

I don't know what his issue is, but he's not...normal. (Well, duh! 9 years of higher education and that's the best I can do? wink ) My best guess is that he's got some sort of developmental delay or something. But in his mind, he's a child. I don't think sex had much to do with it, any more than it would be between two 8-year-olds. But the fact that he's physically an adult, regardless of his mental age brings problems into that because it's not appropriate for adults to play with children as a child.

I dunno. He's probably not competent, one way or another, and he really needs someone to be taking care of him in general.


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yoniyoniGOLD Member
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i'm comletely neutral although i do feel good for him if he is innocent and i accept what the jury say in the end what i do disagree with is the people who automatically hated him the minuit he was accused and wont change thier mind

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I think he is innocent...although i also think he has alot of problems. I do feel sorry for him and think that the familys that are doing this are doing it too get more money out of him. I mean back when these allegations first started the mother took a pay - off, if someone had done that to my child then i wouldnt settle for a pay off. I do think he needs professional help though esp after this case...

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IcerIcerSILVER Member
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yea, i think he didnt do anything illegal, but i think he did a few things that were inappropriate, i dont think he should have been sharing beds with the kids, however innocent it is. it creates situations where the truth can be twisted and exaggerated to create a 'credible' case. the jury found him innocent, so hopefully ppl can move on. i think mj has alot of problems, but it would be more shockin if he didnt, i mean, hes been world famous since he was a little kid, never got a childhood, never had any real time out of the media spotlight, and has been a prefered target for tabloid writers for a couple decades. at some point all that stuff has to get to you and start messing with your head.

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