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Little Steef
Little Steef

Location: Notts, England
Member Since: 11th Jun 2005
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Posted:I'm just wondering, seeing as I'm reasonably new to Poi, whether anyone recommends doing warm ups before trying new moves, etc?
What kind of things do you do, just forward spins/backward spins to get you going, and wrist movements?
Thanks biggrin

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Location: Leicesthershire, England
Member Since: 5th Mar 2005
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Posted:I perform poi and have decided that i really should warm up first, some of the longer pieces of music really kill!!
I would suggest you stretch out your arm muscles, and back if you're doing any BTB or head stuff. Just generaly get your muscles going before you start.

Hope thats some help

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Location: Manchester
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Posted:I, and everyone I know that spins poi, don't bother, but if you want to just do a general warm up that you would do before any exerise regime (eg muscle stretches etc., but DON't bounce), and more importantly a warm down. thats only if you can be bothered!

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Posted:I just tend to start off spinning basic simple moves, ones that don't strain you, before building up to the more awkward on your muscles moves...

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Location: Canada
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Posted:I'm with Pink on this one, start spinning slowly and try to run through everything I can remember. One added bonus to slow spinning,,,,more time to think about what to do next


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Location: San Francisco, California, USA
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Posted:i'm pretty lax with warming up, but i have for a long time thought, and have recently had my thoughts confirmed, that stretching is really important to avoid injuring your muscles, especially when you'll be practicing a lot of behind the back moves or flowers. stretches for your shoulders, upper back, wrists and forearms are particularly important when you'll be working a lot with these moves. a friend of mine (known on this site but i won't name him in case he doesn't want to go public) has injured his rotator cuff by not properly stretching before an intensive session of working on flowers, and it's had an impact on his spinning overall.

i have a number of friends who are dancers and have heard from them about the severe injuries that could've been avoided had the dancer stretched & limbered up properly. i work out also, and always stretch before lifting weights; it's just that when i go to practice poi, i can't wait and just start spinning...but from now on i will be making these arm and shoulder stretches part of my routine, especially given my obsession with flowers and determination to get btb waistwraps down. the increased flexibility one would get from stretching will also help behind the back moves a lot. so stretch everyone, stretch!!!


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Posted:strechting is a must, or do a bit of yoga before spinning or do it like pink recommended, but do something to get your muscles warm before starting to spin - otherwise, like I had to experience myself, you can get some annoying injuries in different variations and they can get too painful...

have fun


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Posted:Written by: ma'tina

...but do something to get your muscles warm before starting to spin - otherwise, like I had to experience myself, you can get some annoying injuries in different variations and they can get too painful...

ditto clap

[un-lurk wavehello] My new mantra has been *never stretch cold muscles*... it meant nothing to me until I got older, heh. As a spring chicken I just sort of scoffed at the idea... but lately i've really felt the pain from not warming up before stretching, and not stretching after major activity. Especially when performing for long periods. [/un-lurk ubbangel]

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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something I found in the guardian website


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Posted:clap Nice bump wink

I tend to warm up before gigs, but really this is more mental preperation than for the physical benefits.

If I've not spun for a while I'll have a good shake out and gentle stretch, and as other people have said when just generally spinning I'll start off easy instead of launching into BTB waistwraps and matrixes etc.

The thing that's odd is I'm usually really good at warming up for other stuff; climbing, cycling, tennis, drumming - i just slack on spinning.

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Posted:poi is just a warm up for when you do staff

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Location: Bristol UK
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Posted:Yup smile

Whether it be starting off nice and easy, and then building up slowly, or when I'm contact juggling, Loads of stretching, a bit of light juggling, more stretching...

Usually, I'll do a little juggling or spinning before I start the stretching, just to warm up the mind, and make the stretching more effective. smile

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Posted:I warm up, but not muscles-wise. I warm up in a sense that I start spinning with basics moves and 'get the hang' of my poi, i.e. forwards / backwards / split-time etc, rather than just going straight into more complicated moves.

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Posted:heehee...well i know i should....i tell everyone else to warm up. but truthfully i only warm my muscles up before a fire spin - because my fire poi weigh so much more. its personal choice. i know people who run around the park first, and i know people who never stretch anything ever. and none of them have gotten hurt doing either smile

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Posted:The most important: not to start by difficult moves or learning the new things. I begin to spin simple moves, then more and more difficult, then learning the new one (or several =))

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Posted:Yesterday I've found quite nice to do
stretching with Poi in hands.





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Posted:I normally warm up with some basic spinning but jumped straight into learning mode yesterday and pulled a shoulder muscle mid antispin flower...lesson learned..ish

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Posted:found some good back stretches:

and a link to a similar topic:


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Posted:When learning, warm up is good, not to mention doing flexibility exercises. Good luck doing a BTB anything if you can just BARELY cross your hand across the middle of your back.

I'd know. xD

But yeah, warm ups with your arms to give them as much flexibility as you can makes your poiing much easier if you love that BTB.

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There are other possibilities with this warmup, try see if you can discover them. grin A short jog or something is recommended as well.



Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Cambridge UK
Member Since: 29th Jul 2004
Total posts: 2895
Posted:warming up for running:

Because ActiveAngel sounds like a feminine deodorant

Like sex, I'm much more interesting in real life than online.

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Location: VIC, MELB
Member Since: 12th Jan 2004
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Posted:LOL mmm I would have to recommend a little bit of stretch and as a few pplz have already mentioned start by doing your moves slowly. Too may times I have picked my poi up and had some music playin and gone a little too hard to quick and the next day - ouch! my muscles are all sore. smile

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Posted:One thing I notice is that spinning often means that I actually feel very little strain, even though I spin heavy (200g each) sock poi for an extended time.

Guess my body is used to it now. smile

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Location: Maryland
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Posted:After spinning for a bit I was lucky enough to partake in a 3-day workshop on firespinning. They emphasized the warm up. They would begin with circular wrist motions in both directions, then circular arm motions in both directions, starting small and working into larger and larger rotations. Also hug stretches and things along those lines. I was good about warming up for a while and then it went by the wayside, because as khan mentioned, I was too excited to start spinning.

Well, after a while I got impingements in both shoulders, that I assume were due to poi. It got to the point where I needed physical therapy to regain full motion in both shoulders. Now, mine might be a severe situation, but I highly recommend some stretching prior to spinning for any length of time!!

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Location: Nieuwkoop, Netherlands
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Posted:Ive actually never warmed up before spinning, but im defenetly going to give it a try.

I see many people who prefer stretching your muscles. With 12 years of speedskating experience I can say: Stretching your muscles when they are 'cold' is generally bad for your muscles. It can cause nasty cramps and muscle ache .

Muscles that are not warmed up enough are not really stretchable. By doing exercizes like simple slow poimoves with heavy poi, jogging, muscle exercises, your muscles 'feel' warm, this increases the plasticity of your muscles, and then its safe (and recommended) to stretch them.

So warm up your muscles first before you stretch them.

edit: the best example i can give is the BTB crosser, without warming up and stretching i find it hard to go fluidly into the trick and last it. But after warming/stretching I even manage to pull off some BTB crosser pirouettes.

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Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia!
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Posted:Flecolan (or anyone else that is more knowledgable in the ways of the body than I) Could you take a squiz at my link above and tell me if that is a suitable warmup? I wasn't 100% sure on it and wanted to know your thoughts before I further endorse it.



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Location: Victoria, BC
Member Since: 25th Oct 2007
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Posted:MNS, I would be saving that video stretching suggestions until the end of my stretch session. Try to minimize full rotations when you muscles are cold (not warmed up yet). Move slower at first, and smaller.
Give yourself a hug stretch first
Put your hands together like praying and push together stretch
Push the walls on either side of you away stretch
Push up the ceiling stretch
Don't forget your upper and lower back by bending to the left, bending to the right and of course bending backwards. Then bend forward.
Stretch the hamstrings
Then start your rotations (smaller and gentle progressing to big and strong) wrists, arms, shoulders.
And try and stretch out AFTER the poi workout to get maximum benefit from stretching!!

AND most important, if it doesn't feel right, don't push it!!!

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Posted:it helps out a lot when i do flowers... when i dont warm up i get really lazy and do tricks that dont require a lot of movement, so warming up helps me out a lot smile


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Location: Washington, DC USA
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Posted:Yup...anytime I know I'll have more than 15 minutes to practice, I'll warm up with some light arm and leg stretches, do some globes/orbs (look up Nick's tutorial for a guide as to what this is) and do these arm warmups:

Total this usually takes me about ten minutes all told. But I always find my spinning afterwards is much smoother and the transitions between difficult moves easier to find. I never ever perform without having warmed up for at least ten minutes of stretches and five minutes of flow practice before taking the stage.



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Posted:Warming up with some stretches is awesome. It makes for a better spin time and lets your mind wake up and prepare for what you're about to do. I've noticed when I don't stretch, especially my legs, I have some issues with more advanced moves. Having limber legs for doing through the legs is a must. Any bending with a cold body is asking for something to happen someday.

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