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Posted:Hellooooo! smile

Just wondering if any fire-eaters / anyone who can do anything good with fire (!!) will be free on Saturday 18th June. I know tis a tad short notice!! It's a summer ball at the Atlantic hotel, Newquay. If anybody is interested, please email Annette Montague-Thomas: or give her a call on 01872 222699 Don't be alarmed by slightly boomy/posh voice!!

Cheers guys


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Posted:You know i'd love to m'dear, just dont know if i can make it in time if i have to swim across the water to u! ubbrollsmile

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Winged Avenger

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Posted:Would love to help but i'm leaving Cornwall that day. Sorry...but will ask my poiing mates!

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Posted:I would but im working. Im starting to resent working saturdays.



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Oh damn - too late - i was free, i can do fire, and i never thought to search newquay to see whats up.

If you need help again, give me a shout (preferably by email), living and working at the sands hotel for the summer.


I smile because i have no idea whats going on!! biggrin


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