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Posted:Let's talk about beards.

I like them biggrin

What are your views? Do you have one? what is your favourite type (If you have a favourite)? do you want one but can't have one?

My friend has an awesome goatee with mustache thing going on: long chin hair (perfect for thoughtful stroking) and a 'tache that can curl at the ends!! I want one, it looks so much fun!!

At the moment, I have the 'Jazz Spot' (my fiancee didn't like the biblical look, but then, she hasn't seen this one on me yet)...


Let's talk about beards.


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Posted:Written by: Seraphire

I want one...and am in the processes (only 18) but all the females I know seem to discourage this...why is that? ;x

They're jealous biggrin

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