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Posted:i mean think about,
You are born....
you spend 12 years of your life trying to pass
school so you can get in to a good collage....
*can't spell it*
Then you spend all of your life trying to get a good job......
you get old and die, then you either go to heaven or hell. and then spend the rest of eternity
either having fun or reciving pain.....

your views on the subject are welcome.....

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Posted:Being serious I'd have to say I can't answer the question as I don't know the answer, every persons purpose in life is different to the next, I don't know what my purpose is let alone anyone else's. For those of you who believe in Heaven and Hell the end result is simple, for those of you who believe in reincarnation the end result is not quite as simple but similar all the same and for all of you who believe in other things I'm quite sure they're all fairly resemblent of each other.

The purpose of life (depending on what you believe) is to find an "enlightenment", a state of being where all your questions are answered and all your problems are non-existent, to achieve this I believe someone needs to look inside themself and ask some serious and maybe painfull questions and even more importantly, answer them honestly.

For me, modern life is too taken up with material possesions, stress-inducing jobs and people obsessed with status and power. All these things are for self-gain and while it may be nice to own these things, a lot of people become superficial, they forget who they truly are and become what they think they should be. This is bad for the mind as it induces a false sense of identity and can become obsessive to the point where the personality actually changes.

Life is, for the majority of us, an unsolvable mystery, we will pass through it none the wiser and on to whatever it is that happens after death. For some however, it does hold answers, a clue to something beyond our comprehension maybe. These handfull of people have chosen to dedicate their lives to understanding it all, forgoeing the material possesions and the high flying jobs for an existence full of the knowledge that you need to know nothing.

It's a tough question and one I'd like to say more on, these are just my veiws and beliefs.

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