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Hello boys and girls. bounce

As i'm starting to do more performances with fire I've noticed that I have been getting one or two non-burn injuries. eek

As in, injuries that aren't burns. Easy innit?
Injuries from last weekend are:

bounce2 1>> A BIG Fat Bruise (BFB) on the outside of the first joint (from the nail) of my left index finger. After the last night of Run to the Sun (and 8 fire shows + lots of uv spinnage) it was protruding over 1cm from the side of my finger. It is officially known as the

Buzzsaw Blister

bounce2 2>> A rather nasty looking rash across my chest, which I can only attribute to the (at times) large amount of paraffin that i got on my naked skin during the shows. Buzzsawing too early in a set will do this, as will spinning off a staff without checking the wind sufficiently. (I have had this before: Once fuel leaked into my bag, through my bag, through my trousers and I got a wierd rash then as well.) This one is the

Fuel Rash

Has anyone experienced any of these fire spinnery related maladies? And are there more that I have yet to look forward to?

Much love ubblove and hugs hug


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Most of my injuries seem to occur when twirling the wrong object, eg. trying to use nunchaku like a staff, or trying to use Poi like nunchaku, or trying to use a hefty chain instead of just leaving it where I saw it.

I've come close to removing my eyes / ears / testicles more times than I can remember. I really should learn to stop experimenting.

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The tendons on my fingers are really starting to hurt due to my Poi are getting a bit heavy due to me keep adding props to them.
A face wrap with my fires wearnt good. arm wraps with my chains left my arm black with a bruise.
staff throw in the day, not seeing my staff and it wacking me in the face.......
thats about it me thinks

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It has to be when Poi tangle directly in front of you and then make that smooth, perfect arc straight into the happy place, I did that to myself last night and nearly ended up on my knees! (I just starting out but that is one lesson I'm gonna learn fast!)

Then again there was the time many years ago when the difference in chain and handle length between my friends nunchukas and my own allowed me to smack myself soundly in the back of the head with his set.....

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I did some fair damage with early club swinging... didn't quite get the go-to-full-extension-before-going backwards- thing till I'd totally strained my wrist... owie... took ages to heal.....

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Poi in the [censored] while trying to get the buttefly done with my tail Poi, it really really hurt I was hunched over for 10 minutes and was very nearly sick.

Oh and I sometimes catch my hair do! :O to me that is like an injury very seriouse!! lol

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Have knocked a front tooth out of place with a Juggling club. Its now more crookeder than the rest.

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the grip on my staff enjoys catching on my hair and ripping it out...its making learning the steve very painful!

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Millhouse (HoP name house_of_mill) dug a chunk out of his gum with his labret piercing while doing an over the head one handed butterfly that went wrong.

theres a picture in his gallery of it

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i really really hurt my eye on sunday doing a btb weave with zeeboos Poi. couldn't open my eye for about half an hour and it wouldn't stp watering. All ok now and no phyiscal sign of injury so all's cool. smile


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Written by: Havokist

Millhouse (HoP name house_of_mill) dug a chunk out of his gum with his labret piercing while doing an over the head one handed butterfly that went wrong.

I too have done that, its not fun, not fun at all!
smacked my ear piercings trying to learn steves
the btb waist wrap is not good for nipple piercings eek
I managed to smack the ring out of my lip at falmouth, although i can't remember what i was spinning at the time!

its making me contemplate taking some of them out!

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i bust my lips open twice while Juggling... once i got hit by a bouncer ball, and then i was passing Staffs with a friend and i got hit in the face

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smacked myself in the side of the nose, made a deeep gash. now have a very chunky scar

Miranda (mewcat)BRONZE Member
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Massive black eye taking me through from the Wednesday night of this year's Glasto and which still hadn't faded properly by Falmouth 4.

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benzene poisoning was by far the worst. I thought I was going to die for 2 days.

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during a blindfolded staff performance, i jumped over my staff... a move i've done hundreds of times, but this time i found a gopher hole. tore my ACL, meniscus, and bursa in my left knee. this is the first year since the injury that i have gone all season without my brace. i still haven't had the surgery.

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well of course i've had a couple of scratches from wrapping with chains that aren't all to nice.
also, the classic hitting the goods with Poi ><.
gotten a couple of bumps through practicing reverse btb bt weave with hard pois.
and lots of other stuff.
but hey, its worth it;)

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Couple of years back I was soinning a glowstaff in a nightclub really early one morning, was spinning it behind my back and caught my leg on the inside right between the claf muscle and the bone..... it hurt but I was ok, or so thought, by the time I got home, I had to cut my trousers off..... I fell asleep for an hour, and when I woke up, I couldn't stand up...... I went to the hospital, and they couldn't tell me what I'd done. It was about a week and a half before I could walk again, and I was limping for a very long time after.

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My worst would be when I very nearly sliced the end of my finger off whilst setting up for a spin with wire wool. I didn't notice at the time, but when I stopped spinning, there was blood running half way up my arm!

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As well as my gums i was doing the aerotech Beach Flingo thing and ended up doing Contact UCOF at the same time, but it was more of a nose burst than roll and it forced the 8mm tunnel up my nose slicing the insides, a swelled up nose was a great thing to go home from falmouth with!

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during an escape, i lost feeling in my right hand. now, whenever i rub up the side of my right wrist, my thumb has tingles run up it.

also, a mate almost choked / drowned while attempting an underwater straightjacket / chain escape. it was his first try and i was next to him ready to save him the whole time, so he was fine.

cheers, pete hug

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i've smacked myslef in the head a fair few times spinning a single staff, and i always seem to scratch where my biceps are when i do doubles

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I've just started learning, but my Poi already seem unnaturally attracted to my nuts. v_v

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my Poi seems to enjoy to constantly beat my nuts in to a very painful submission. i was practicicing a butterfly and wham... send me to the foor with a very sick nauseated feeling... eyes constantly watering... i felt like the wind were just knocked out of me... after that i didnt touch the Poi for about a week i was pissed with them... i have since gone back and now its time for me to get a staff so i can practice with that and my Poi. hopefully the staff will become less infatuated with my scrotum, than my Poi.

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staff gets infatuatuated with your head and eyes instead

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meh loosing an eye or bopping your head is DEFFINATELY less painful than bopping your nuts with Poi. id rather hit my head than my nuts any day.

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Pain in the happy place. LOL.

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not sure if theres an name for the move, but I'm trying to learn it. get a good steady butterfly going then lean back and bring it with you to a horizontal plane...anyway, I've started wearing a cup while trying to learn this one...first ouch with it both Poi made a sandwich out of my jewels. couldn't walk right for the better part of 3 days.

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i strained my wrist (mywristgotsawd) the other day about an hour and a half into a rather hectic Poi practice session...

I had the biggest eggie on my forhead for about a week from a misjudged Ropedart wrap!!

other than that i don't normally get much in the way of injuries!

There are of course the occasional rawblistered finger from spinning with too much weight for too long!

Regards hug

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I have callouses on my thumbs from last night, not so much an injury but they are sore! - trying to light wicks up with a lighter in the brisk, windy scottish air! Could not feel my fingers til i got home and warmed up. Damn it was cold! it snowed again this morning - where the hell is spring? lol

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The past summer I was spinning fluffy Poi with glo-toobs attached and split open an eyebrow. Quite bloody, but didn't need stitches. Luckily all the children had gone to bed already, so I didn't terrify the little ones.

Other than that, just blistered fingers from the handles.

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