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Hello boys and girls. bounce

As i'm starting to do more performances with fire I've noticed that I have been getting one or two non-burn injuries. eek

As in, injuries that aren't burns. Easy innit?
Injuries from last weekend are:

bounce2 1>> A BIG Fat Bruise (BFB) on the outside of the first joint (from the nail) of my left index finger. After the last night of Run to the Sun (and 8 fire shows + lots of uv spinnage) it was protruding over 1cm from the side of my finger. It is officially known as the

Buzzsaw Blister

bounce2 2>> A rather nasty looking rash across my chest, which I can only attribute to the (at times) large amount of paraffin that i got on my naked skin during the shows. Buzzsawing too early in a set will do this, as will spinning off a staff without checking the wind sufficiently. (I have had this before: Once fuel leaked into my bag, through my bag, through my trousers and I got a wierd rash then as well.) This one is the

Fuel Rash

Has anyone experienced any of these fire spinnery related maladies? And are there more that I have yet to look forward to?

Much love ubblove and hugs hug


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The skin at the tips of my fingers has become all dry and cracked and horrible. I believe this is due to repeated contact with parrafin-soaked items followed up by buzzsawing with socks.

Friction fingers


Getting to the other side smile

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I couldn't stand or walk for several months after breaking my leg whilst twirling.
i got time of work tho smile

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Mags The JediGOLD Member
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What did you do to break your leg though...?

"I believe the cost of life is Death and we will all pay that in full. Everything else should be a gift. We paid the cover charge of life, we were born."

Bill Hicks, February 1988

The FadeSILVER Member
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i was kinda drunk once when i was new new new to staff and i picked up my stick and on the first revolution of a backward figure 8 i hit myself in the eye. had a big black shiner for about a week biggrin

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AdeSILVER Member
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non burn injuries - read any of the beamer threads... plenty of stories in there...

Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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there would be more mention of beamers, but alas knocks to the head cause amnesia...

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robertsBRONZE Member
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i only ever seem to hit myself in the eye. the last one was the end of my staff hit that bone under my eye. cut, burn, and black eye all at once. the worst part was, it got infected.

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The most bizzare non burn injury to date was from a tennis ball of all things.

I was practicing with my rope dart with my practice wicks on when I caught a bad spin. The tennis ball caught me at this amazing spot between my ankle bone and heel.

Now, I've trained in martial arts for a long time and I've learned a lot of crazy and F*ed up pressure points, but they never *ever* told me about this one.

It felt like my shoe filled up with ice water and was overflowing out the top.
My foot was completely cold, numb, and pretty much completely useless for about two hours.

I had no clue you could do that with a tennis ball.

I guess you learn something new everyday.

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Yesterday a juggling club crashed down on my thumb, broke my nail good and proper, then swelled up, and now I've got a bruise and it hurts frown

And I've pulled various muscles from not warming up before spinning fire in very cold conditions...really hurt my back once when bending back to do a buzzsaw- this move seems to be the one causing most problems doesn't it?!

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strugzBRONZE Member
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Only real thing ive done apart from muscle pulling / bruising from staffs wa putting my back right out.

Leanring the matrix i was, b*stard move that it is, requires lots of back bending, thing with me is ive had a spinal fusion and the bottom 7 vertibre are locked together with scrrews and metal bits ubblol

But i dont like shirking off a challange, so after about a year of stretching i can now (pretty much constistantly) do it biggrin

IMO most non burn related injuries are from not warming up properly smile

Apart from the few Mags mentioned above cool

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....broken finger nails from staffing :'(
oh and a lil rsi form too mant fishtails

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.:star:.SILVER Member
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the side of my nose swelled up the other night when i smacked my glasses into my face with my very deceiving fluffy poi...they look all fluffy and sweet but cause sooooo much pain! Couldn't open my eye properly till the swelling went down!

EpsilonKiasNote to self... Fur + Fire = Hurt.
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I got a black eye due to an accident with a buzzsaw butterfly and plenty of shots to the balls when I first started poi

I aslo got a nice bonk on the head when I tried staff for the first time -_-

squarexbearSILVER Member
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my left breast hurt the whole time i was trying to learn weave...
now i'm on backwards three beat and it hurts a hell of a lot more

Fine_Rabid_DogInternet Hate Machine
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the nastiest one I had was with my staff...

I was doing a palm spin, and then I threw it into the air... the wind caught it and brought the wick onto the crown of my head.... not so bad, but the staff had rotated until the screws holding the damn wick in place was hitting me... so i got a nice big dent and a cut in my head... it bled for ages.... stopped hurting after a while, so i got back up and tried it again... success! wooo!

this was a while ago though.. I haven't really injured myself at all.... smile

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I got nutted in the balls by an over-eager retriever.

Not too bad though.

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Um when i first learnt poi i had tonnes of bruises and a black eye..

A lot of broken nails from club juggling. And... oh just hurt muscles from learning waist wraps..

Unless you call smacking my glasses half way across the garden a lot non burn injuries? Because for some strange reason, i do that almost daily...

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ed209Ed: geek, staffer, past participle
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Surely all male staffers when they started had at least one instance of doing a figure-eight fast and severly smacking themselves in the crown jewels with the leading end? eek <-- (There needs to be a better graemlin for this..)


Or maybe it was just me. biggrin

Fine_Rabid_DogInternet Hate Machine
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nope.... I didnt... i was careful bout it.... cos I like my nuts the way they are thank you very much... un-pulverised

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yoniGOLD Member
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i've done it before and it hurt like s##t, although yesterday i hit myself in the eye and i mean the eye not round about there, i was doing some fast figure of eights with a staff longer than mine one end hit the ground the other blinded me for about fifteen minuites peace meditate

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spinning and testicles are not happy bed fellows

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Managed to avoid my own balls, but I was showing someone how to do figure 8s when he said "This is really easy!" to which I replied "Careful you don't..."

Too late.

The comedic timing couldn't have been better if you'd scripted it. For some bizarre reason, he didn't show much interest after that...

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IcerSILVER Member
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teeth thru my lip on occasion. also the large metal part of a coil wrap poi head in the back of the head, that REALLY hurt. hit my hand the other day too, so hard i couldnt hold the poi for a good hour or so.

ps: Druss rocks!

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colemanSILVER Member
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many times i have had the blisters on the forefingers from the spinning of the poi.
fingers are back up to full power now though with leatheryness of skin designed to combat the blister problem smile

other minor injuries include scraping and bruising my eyebrow with an aerotech ball in a net and another time, hitting my knee *really* hard and limping for two days afterwards rolleyes

most painful for me are bruised hands/knuckles from juggling clubs (serious ouch frown) and cut fingers from juggling rings.

cole. x

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pyrosymSILVER Member
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Best non burn injury I have recieved was practicing staff. I did a very high horizontal throw which I failed to catch but it managed to catch me at speed in the left temple which knocked me out for a good 30 seconds DOH!

Worse than that it was in a public park so of course I came round to a mass of peeps standing over me lol.

Note to self: wear a crash helmet when practicing very high horizontal throws.

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Non-burn? Yeah, got a few of those.

I thought it hurt to catch a spinning staff on the back of the head or near the temple, but the worst is... the _earlobe_!!! Was doing a reverse figure eight off a bad transfer and wound up holding onto my staff for dear life so I didn't topple over. Yay practice. clap

Oh, and of course, using my steel staff I was being particularly stubborn and took several heavy blows to my left leg. Three welts made my entire leg turn purple for about three weeks... redface

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The nuts, the nuts, has to be the nuts!!!

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right, I'm bumping this thread!!!!

My btb weave (3bt) is coming on well, of course I have the odd knocks. Anyway I decided to try it with my pink tailed comets day before yesterday.
Smacked myself right in the eye, didn't I! I never thought tennis balls could inflict so much owies! I mean it smacked my eye - not the optical orbit, the actual eyeball and it made this weird popping sound. luckily it didn't bruise but I have some burst vessels in the corner and it's still tender.

Needless to say, I won't be trying that again soon, unless I can get hold of them goggles we used to wear in science class.

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I've got a nice halfmoon scar right at my hairline from practicing ttn over my head with homemade tubecores..

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the_poierSILVER Member
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poi in the balls eek

ive got a fuzzbox and im not afraid to use it
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