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hexagonicClubbles Jugs
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Ok, apologies for those outside UK (although I'm sure you'll have something to say about this too) but tonight there is a BBC documentary about traffic wardens which should be quite interesting.

Personally I am incredibly sick of these money for council makers, and I certainly look forward to seeing them get their comeupance. I'm trying desperately hard to resist the temptation of throwing water bombs at them or just shouting rude obscenities at them whenever I see them spank

(The show is at 9pm on BBC one tonight, Wednesday 1st June)
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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I shall make sure i watch that


Cheers Will. hug

DomBRONZE Member
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Thanks for the heads up, I'll try to watch that.

Previously I've had parking tickets because the warden didn't think that the license plate on the permit matched the car, which it did and when I got the ticket revoked I was told it was a special case and if it happened again I wouldn't have my ticket nulled. Pardon? You'll only clear up your own mistake once? I've also had a ticket issued for an expired parking ticket, when the ticket was issued before my paid for time had expired!

A couple of months back I was helping my girlfriend to move, for which is was neccessary to unload a car in a resident's parking area. I'm not a resident of that street, but of a street in the same borough a mile away and my girlfriend was moving into that street. To get a resident's parking permit costs about 60. Why? I'm already paying over 1000 a year in local council tax!

Anyway, a warden appeared from nowhere to level me with a 50 fine. Ah! I started begging that I was helping my girlfriend move, yadda, yadda, yadda... and he actually let me off! I was so stunned and confused I had to ask for clarification.

The problem seems to be an old and recurrent one, and includes the Witchcraft Acts of 1563 and 1604. It you're paid 20 shillings for each witch you find, you'll find witches. If you pay somebody by the number of fines they give out it's obvious that there's going to be dodgyness going on. And if the council's income is increased by that dodgyness then nobody's going to look into too closely!

So I've got more against the system that's produced the currently traffic warden problem than with the wardens themselves, although some of them deserve a right good water bombing!