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Posted:Hello beautiful people

As I am personnaly embarking a new chapter of my life (leaving OZ goign back to France) I contemplate a poem i received not so long ago...

I feel so thankful for all i have had and excited for what is to come i feel the analogy of diving to be very true : the surface of me is a turmoil at the moment, neither good nor bad just shaky, but deep down below the shallow surface i am content with all that has manifested , and all that has NOT manifested allthough i so wanted it to...

Hope this inspires you and maybe finds some echo in your hearts
Shine on
cass ubblove

Celebrate Each Closing Door

With closed eyes you look inside yourself and see a
dream - any dream - that you are working on
manifesting into reality. As your efforts grow and you
continue to place your energy on manifesting into
reality, attachment develops for these dreams to come
to fruition.

As you query the essence of creative energy, iron bars
lock in place rendering impossible the manifestation
of your dream. Frantically, to pretend away this
imposing nightmare, you inspect these bars and test
their strength - only to realize their strength is
greater than your own.

Disappointment sets in, then frustration... then a
feeling of helplessness and the feeling of being
incredibly lost - a feeling of having had a path in
this bewildering jungle turn into having to begin
anew, in darkness, that first step once more.

Instead... realize your eyes are closed and that your
dream is but one door. Now you open your eyes and find
yourself at the center of a room with countless doors
of all colors and sizes surrounding you. Looking high
- doorways leading to the sky, looking low - doorways
leading to the earth. You see these doors you had
forgotten had existed because you were attached to
your one door.

Some paths we follow for many years only to discover
it is not one we are meant to be exploring anymore.
Some paths we continue to follow even after our higher
power sets bars in place. We take hammer and chisel
forcing a way through... even to our own detriment.

As each door before you closes, make a practice of
immediate celebration and gratitude knowing your
higher power walks with you only in love. Celebrate,
in only for a single moment, even if your natural
reaction is sadness, anger, or loss. These may or may
not arise, but celebrate each closing door anyway
knowing darkness is present only because you see
through closed eyes.

~S. Mawama

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Posted:Right... I just printed this out. And tomorrow first thing I'm going to wake up and read it again. And then see if what I think it means then is the same as what I think it means right now.

Jet lag does interesting things to poetry.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:your beautiful Cass smile hug

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Posted:We love you Cass. Please stay your beautiful shinny sparkly self.

biggrin wishing you all the best. hug kiss

See you in the future biggrin


Love and Light

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farewell gorgeous!

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Posted:hug cuddles galore hug

pitty we didnt meet, even though we were probably about 3m apart at one point a few sundays ago. did you get some of the icecream?

cheers, pete biggrin

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Posted:Good luck Cassandra
An awesome poem,

Remember doors work both ways and can always be re-opened.

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Posted:Have fun, and thank you for the are trully gifted

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Posted:Might print this off later and look at it when I'm getting ready to leave in 2 months, after almost a year here for my exchange... It will be possibly one of the hardest things I'll have done in my life...

~ Bobo

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Posted:I couldnt have read this at a better time.

Thankyou smile


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Posted:Cass im printing this one out as i just left my company .

Mark Twain quoted once " don't stare at the door that closes or your miss out on whats around the corner" .

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Posted:nice sentiments smile

i used to have "Every exit is an entrance to somewhere" as my sig


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