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Ok so I am new to this, just purchase my first poi and staff.

My garden is rather small and has a lot of decking! So where do I go, we have alot of public grasslands around and fields, whats the score with doing thsi stuff in public (Not worried about liability cover) just worried about peeps reporting me to Fire Brigade/Police?

I await your views


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I guess it depends on where you are.

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behind old man winters' barbers shop, on fifth street. Turn left by the red house with the pickett fence on simmonds way and it's just up there on your right.

The police/fire brigade are the least of your worries thou, if jimbob or johnboy get hold of you they'll be hell to pay when pastor richards gets back! eek

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on a side note, old man winters gives a great cut. reasonable prices too.

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anywhere with lots of room is normally fine if it not privte property, but i tend not to spin where kids play cos then people kick off about poisoning there kids with paraffin.
most people will tell you to move before calling the police so dont worry

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Written by: flid

behind old man winters' barbers shop, on fifth street. Turn left by the red house with the pickett fence on simmonds way and it's just up there on your right

ubblol hug

Yeah we used to go there, back in the day. It used to be so much better than these days tho, it's gotten sooo commercial wink

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I dont do fire in public places. (Unless there's nobody around) But I often practice in a park or mall parking lot ^_^

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well in North America its a permit system, you need a permit to perform, you need a permit for fire and you need a space permit for public practice like here In LA California.

Canada has designated areas and practice places where the fire marshal wont ticket you for "open flame in a public place"

good luck

Ps wet your deck down and dont use white gas....

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I am fortunate enough to be living in a town that is very leniant on practicing with live fire equipment.

The police in Brighton, UK accept the use of the tools if the user is not in a busy public place and does not appear to be a danger to himself or others. I have spoken to sussex police at length on this subject and there are just way too many other things for them to be doing than moving on people that are being aware of their safety whilst practicing a legitimate art.

There are many parks here and of course the beach. If you live in brighton the hotspots are Black rock - along the beach form the pier towards the marina (a good spot if you dont want to be hounded by the public). The level is a good melting pot many people visit there to practice many skills. I personally prefer Queens park or the beach. Be warned if the seafront is busy dont do it between the two piers unless you are very good you may well be asked to leave.

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I work for a bar in bury doing firestaff every weekend - gets the bar loads of custom! We've never had a problem with the police or firebrigade. Firebrigade tend to drive past and laugh at us...the police once approached us after a particulaly flamy session of firebreathing...looking rather strict and leaving us panicking he approached...I honestly thought we were going to be arrested. Instead he dropped 2 in the pot and yelled 'I wanna see that sh*t again!' HeeHee....then the commander of Bury Police Station came out to see us...and my partner promptly scorched his trousers and walking cane! Ooops!


Seriously though, get some practice away from people before you start trying to impress them....if you don't appear to be a danger to yourself or anyone else or property, you shouldn't have a problem.

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I always used to practise in my drive way, or on the path or road.

If there's no risk of hurting yourself, others, or setting anywhere on fire (so probably not grassy areas to start off with, just to be safe) then you'll be fine.

In aus, well where I am anyway, there is nothing at all that covers firetwirling. They told me I couldn't get public liability insurance. frown

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There is a way for getting public liability insurance in Australia.

I don't know anything about them, I happened to come across the site when I was looking for information about insurance for fire performers.