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Posted:Hi all,A couple of close friends of mine will be visiting The South Island of New Zealand between 16th-22nd April. They don't know much about whats going on, but they are especially interested in finding out about outdoor doofs, and fire-poi twirling...If you know of anything interesting happening between these dates (or even an online resource where they might find out about stuff for themselves) please please please (yes thats three pleases!) either post the details here, or to my friend ( Thanks, and huge helpings of good Karma to everyone who responds!
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Posted:how far south are they coming?i'm in invercargill(the deep south)


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Posted:Hey Johh, did ya check the meet others zone here? There may be some fire folk from down there with their email addresses...I'd play with them but I wont be on the south island for a while...Hey Kayaking I'll look you up when I head down that way! Happy twirling :-) Fairie firebell

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Posted:Josh,I am always keen to have a spin on Tuesday night 17th April if they are around Christchurch. There are 9 people in the "meetothers" section who live on the South Island in New Zealand, Get your friends to check it out
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Posted:im a Christchurch girl, if they're heading this way, which they should of course, cause chch is the place to be, right, wickid. not sure what is happening, but if i hear of anything i will l let you know, chch usually has something on.
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but theres always tuesday nights at the memorial Bridge way...nice.....Kt


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