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Posted:ive been doing poi for a few years and im ok at i cant do the real hard trix but i can do the ok ones got all my basics down and i can wow people who dont know too much about it. i need money and so im thinkin of ebaying poi lessons where the winner would also have to fly me to thier place and for fri. sat. and sun. i would teach them poi they would pay me the price of the auction they would fly me there and put me up for those 2 nights they would get a free set of poi and all the safety stuff (fire extinguisher fire blanket...) i would also have them sign a waiver of responsibility stating they waive all rights to sue do to harm or damage to persons or property
my question is does any one thing this is an extremley dumb good or funny idea
oh and hey dont be a jerk and steel my idea im looking for advice. --- mike

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Posted:sorry dude. but i dont think the idea is really going to take.

If i were you. i would start spinning down at a local place on a night where there are sure to be lots of people. and then offer your services to the people who stop to watch you.

i dont think Ebay is the correct place to sell yourself

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Posted:i agree with DoktorSkell, i dont think ebay is the right place to sell yourself...

just get out in the town when its busey and promote yourself to people that are interested in watching.


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Posted:i dont think your allowed to sell yourself on ebay

and while its a fairly good idea i dont think people will be willing to fork out for flights and such as well :P

perhaps you could try and write a book on it? though there are a lot already

your best bet would be busking :P but spinning around people will pick up people willing to learn - maybe organise classes or something? you may want to check local laws about where you do it though



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Posted:Yeah, cost of plane ticket + cost of hosting you + cost of lesson = not worth it for a poi lesson. Avg price for a local 1 on 1 poi lesson is around $50/hour (at least, thats what I charge) and honestly, its not THAT hard to find someone local.

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