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I'm currently shitting myself.

Placed an order with amazon a little while ago, had an e-mail through today saying they couldn't process my order as my bank would not verify my card details. I tried to top up my phone balance, same thing.

I phoned my bank - they wouldn't tell me anything about my account over the phone, said I need to go into my local branch with id to get any information. They're only open 9-5.

I now have to wait until whenever I finish work tomorrow before I can find out if someone has managed to get into my account and wipe out all I've saved in the past 10 months, actually quite a lot as I've done sod all since I started working so I could save as much as possible for travelling later this year.

I'm hoping the fact that it's been locked means someone has tried and failed to get into my account, but with all the card fraud / indentity theft that seems to be happening nowadays, I'm not convinced of this.

[censored] frown


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Mate, that sucks.
I think they can lock bank accounts for several reasons though... Is it your account or card that's been locked?

Speaking of money - I've (finally) paid you, erm, although this might seem a bit fruitless now... hug

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I can understand your concern, but it could be any number of things and probably isn't as bad as you think. Most likely, your bank has put a hold on your account because of what the bank's computer sees as "suspicious activity" - usually the result of either more than 2 purchases from the same place on the same day, or higher than normal account activity on one particular day.

I've had the same thing happen to me on several occasions, and it's never been from something bad. Banks tend to be overly cautious in this area which, although frustrating sometimes, is a good thing.

And even in the worst-case scenario, there's nothing you can do until you go in and the account is on hold, so no more damage can be done. Good luck!

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are you sure its the account thats locked and not the card thats been stopped??

My bank have a horrible habbit of cancelling my cards before sending me a new one...makes me panic everytime!

I hope everything is ok, hug

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I've had cards stopped before, but every time has been fraud prevention. The first time it was a legit fraud case, my card had been skimmed sometime when i'd used it, cloned and used on the other side of the world in Taiwan. Since then they've done it when I've used my card online (they did it the first time i used HoP) in other countries, just to make sure. And to be honest, i'm really happy they do, i'd rather have a bit of inconvience than nothing left in my account and a huge overdraft bill.

If it is this thou, and they won't tell you over the fone, then your bank sucks smile

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A lot of banks have brought in new security measures, often without mentioning them, and they can be triggered by very simple things.

My Barclaycard pin was blocked while I was in Japan. After going through the usual security questions I was told that I had to change my pin at an English cash point, as they'd blocked it's use in Japan, assuming it was a cloned card. They did say that I could go to a bank and withdraw if I had my passport, so I had to go on a huge mission to find a bank that would accept my card.

Thank-you Barclaycard!

At least the banks over there are open till 6:00pm.

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Since they won't tell me anything about my account over the phone, I think it's the account rather than just the card. They shouldn't have any reason to send me a new card, I only got a chip and pin last year.

If they've lockedd my account because of suspicious activity, then good, because I haven't used my card more than twice in teh past couple of weeks, so someone else must have been trying to.

Calmed down slightly now, but still not going to have a great day tomorrow. I'll worry myself stupid until I find out what's happened.


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have you got phone banking where you can check the balance on your a/c through and automated means?
Then you will at least know that there is money in the a/c still...
Good lucky!! hug

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I had my account locked once when I tried to buy a monthly bus pass from a tube station machine - [censored] annoying it was as well. I'm surprised they couldn't sort it out over the phone though, I've never heard anyone being told that before.

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Very strange. I went into my bank today and we had a look at their system. They seemed to feel there was absolutely no problem with my card or account, everything was just fine, no-one was trying to access my account and I hadn't been locked out. confused
Oh well, money is all still there and I can still use my bank card in person.

Not sure what to make of it all really.


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Don't worry, be happy and be grateful there's nothing wrong!

My bank did that to me once... it was very stressful, but they apologised and grovelled afterwards... and they should have - I was in Cambodia at the time and they stopped my credit and debit cards.

I had no money in Phnom Pehn and ended up sunburnt after spending the day on the back of motos going from phone box to post office to hostel trying to get it all sorted out biggrin

(I can smile about it now ubblol)

I think they called it a 'glitch'/

Getting to the other side smile

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