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Posted:Hi my name is kenny, and i've recently started poi(mainly with glowsticks at raves) but anyways i've been having trouble with the reverse weave, i can't seen to get the cross over right. I can do the forward weave and i can spin into a backwards swinging posistion but i can't seem to do the backwards weave. If you can please leave tips for me 8).Ken

Posted:dude - do a search, and you will find that about a million ppl have asked the exact same question on this board...We have all answered it many times.If you review all the answers we have previously supplied, and are still having trouble, then ask again, and we will help you out.Josh

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Posted:Hi Kenny. Welcome to the home of poi.Your best bet would be to do a search. You'll find loads of information in any of the several threads that have already been started on this topic.To do a search, click on the search link. You'll find it just under the reply button.Once you're there... type in backwards weave, reverse weave, whatever. You can search all of the forums or just search a particular forum ie. new moves or general discussion (these two would be your best bet).Good luck.Finn
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Jeff Duncan
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Posted:start with backwards juggling then go to backwards figure 8then other hand backwards figure 8then put em togatherdoing this i learned it in a very short timeps im jeff the fire proof chicken and welcome welcome!!


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Posted:Sup Raverboy..You wouldnt happen to be from Houston would you? Theres a guy on Houston raves.com called raverboy aswell, same person??Anyway welcome to the board, youll love it here.Backwards weave took me about2 weeks to finally understand it. I learned it by doing a forward weave first, then as the strings move to the right side of your body (when your right hand swings the stringunder your left) turn your body to the left 180 degress and keep the motion going...it will happen naturally after a while...promise.Super'------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown

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