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Posted:What do peolpe expect you to wear to weddings? I'm not a big follower of all this tradition and etiquette but I have my first wedding reception on Sunday! Now if I wear what I'm confortable in (which is what everybody keeps telling me to do) I would be in baggy cords, PUSA tshirt and flipflops, or maybe boardies if it's warm. But I don't think people would be too impressed! I don't want to upset people by looking rough but I also don't want to give in to traditional orders. I'm really morally confused! Can anyone help? I think i's frighten people in a skirt - but that could be interesting...... redface

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Posted:well, wedding are a time to dress nice and a bit stylishly, but not too nice or too stylishly - you should not be dressed fancier than the wedding party. In the states you can get away as dressed down as nice blue jeans and a button up shirt for guys - even a hawaiian print maybe. girls can get away with even more.

You don't have to be boring and traditional - it isn't a funeral after all! just don't look like a slob, grunger, or like you are just stopping by on the way to a rave. put some style or flare into it though.

Another thing I occasionally do is really go over the top with the traditional wear - do it so perfectly that it is also a style statement. this can be particularly effective if your friends have NEVER seen you dressed up before.


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Posted:I'd try for at least smart-casual if you can... I'm scruffy too but I'll dress more nicely for a wedding. The way I see it, it's not giving in to tradition, it's fitting in with the standard set (be it traditional or some kind of wacky theme) by the couple getting married because they're people I care about (else I wouldn't be going to their wedding smile) and what's important is that the occasion is what they want it to be. You don't have to go for a skirt, some smartish trousers and top work just fine, they'll just be pleased that you made an effort smile

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I would say that it depends on what's more imprtant to you: Making yourself or others, comfortable?

You can look at it in either way as being the more "appropriate". It's their day and should you conform to their wishes? OR, if you turn up in what you feel comfy in, are they the types of friends to appreciate that kind of personality (and then you'd be the person standing out in all the photos that everyone can make gentle fun at or comment positively on etc)

Try talking to the people who are getting married and find out what they think about the whole thing - because their (and your) opinions are the ones you should listen to wink

I'd love to go to a wedding in my army uniform because I feel proud to bare it but it wouldn't be approriate on the day (stealing the thunder of the bride an all lol)

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Posted:i probably dressed a bit inappropriately for my dad's wedding, all in black. i only realised the next year when i wore the same thing to a funeral. so yeah, a bit of colour doesn't go astray.


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