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Posted:I asked the local fire prevention unit what the laws were for fire stuff outdoors, and they didn't really know what I was talking about. They said I had to have a fire fighter on duty at all times, but they obviously didn't have any special laws for fire juggling type things. My father, whos on the fire department (sommerville, MA) thinks they should make some special laws concerning it.

I'm just curious what the rules are like in other towns?


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Posted:I live in Monmouth County in New Jersey. Manalapan to be exact, the town is pretty big, but I talked to the fire chief about spinning fire. We actually had a girl from a neighboring town spin Fire Baton in marching band(I'm and ex color gaurd, makes for good staff moves btw) she put on an amazing show, but aparently spinning fire is not allowed. In public, I'm always jealous of the pictures of people just spinning anywhere they please. It would be something like 10million insurance to spin privatley and a lot more to do shows. I would LOVE to perform, but yeah, can't ubbcrying
Don't tell anyone though, Noley and I still burn regularly right out in the front yard and put on a nice show. It's fun seeing the cars stop in front of the house. Not slow down, come to complete stop and watch. Anyway, tell me how the laws go if any pass.

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Posted:I've found the larger the city the more restrictive they are. They have to watch out for people in parks, property fires and such.

In smaller cities I have found that as long as I approach the fire authorities ahead of time with a burn plan, they have been fine for outdoors in large public parks, when not in draught.

But I have always gone to the fire authority first.
I know people who in the exact same towns I have had permission in got shut down, and they did not ask.

It takes alot to put laws into place, and generally they do not do so for such a minor group of people. Most of the regulations you will find about public spinning will be found under the public property laws, not under fire laws. These are the ones which list restrictions for the use of public/city lands.
You can also look into things like busking laws. If professional performers are not allowed to be in a park and use fire, then ten to one, neither will you.

Fire authorities know fire usage laws, which generally apply to performers, pyrotechnics and other large things.
Recreational use is a pretty foreign concept to them, keep that in mind.

Best of luck!

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