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Posted:This site has served me very well in the few months that I have been aware of it, but I have now reached the point where I can perform pretty much all of the moves listed. I have recently been watching videos of others performing, and seeing them do things that I can't do, various body wraps in particular. Malcolm, please add more moves to the training section. This is already the best source of information available, online or not(It's practically my poi bible), so why not make it the definitve worldwide source. There are other moves out there. They just need to be documented.

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Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia

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Posted:while its on the topic of moves - I really think that if your going to send in a movie of your cool move(s) for others to learn how to do whatever it is it should be bright (not pitch black) enough to see what the hands are doing. umm...just one such e.g. was that circular weave btb - *seriously* learning that move by watching that video is about as practical as spinning bricks on chains (no offense intended Bish
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..constructive criticism here..the site has done well. =)

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Posted:At the moment I am trying to compress the animation graphics on the site. At present I am using over 25 Gigabytes of bandwidth per month. This is very expensive cost and I have managed to reduce the first 20 animation lessons files by 60% by only redrawing the part of the frame that moves and not the whole picture. I have some movies to replace and add to the lessons sections but I want to make the site more efficient before doing so.Good news is the upcoming compilation video that should be good to learn from by using slow motion on your video
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.Remember to check out the "new moves" section of our bulletin board for inspiration. At last count I believe there are 4,543,532,785,891 different poi moves that I have not thought of yet (including bricks on chain
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). If someone has video of cool new moves they can send them to me video@juggling.co.nz and I shall put them on the site in due time.Regards
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Posted:What do you mean this is nearly the poi bible. this IS the poi biblepeace outgarbo
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Posted:the best way to learn new moves is by goin to a club and watchin us ravers just go nutz on the floor. i know ive never seen people do combos and wraps that i bust out when im spinnin the glowstix. mad people come up to me and ask me to teach them a move or two, and i do.



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