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Just that. Name some songs that give you goose bumps every time you hear them.
A few for starters:

Massive Attack - teardrop
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
Moby - great escape

Your turn!


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lamb: gorecki.

but it seems thats already been said....


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Anything by Elliott Smith, John Frusciante or Jeff Buckley.


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Written by: ilsanya

Written by: Firepoise

Was 'the heart asks pleasure' not the theme from The Piano? Composed by Michael Nyman?

yep, i am learning it on piano at the moment

i can play that on the piano... when i get to see a piano *sighs* i hate the fact that pianos are so big and bulky and take up so much space and are so expensive *cries* offtopic

but yes... it is another BEAUTIFUL song ubblove

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lamb!! omg lamb!!!

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Mamma said, The unforgiven 1+2, one (especially the film clip)

Bill Whelan:
Firedance. To a lesser degree, the rest of the riverdance soundtrack.

Everybody Hurts.

Bon Jovi:
Its my life, Blaze of glory.

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LAMB! heart

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Love the thread. Now I can go and look up all these beautiful songs I've never heard! You all have good taste, I can't think of many that aren't on the list..

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan, I think the lyrics are beautiful and poetic and it brings back some great memories.

Without You I'm Nothing by Placebo, deliciously melancholic.

And yes, just about anything by Lamb, Radiohead and Shpongle. Oh, and Tori Amos.

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Bob Dylan

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Fat Freddy's Drop and Salmonella Dub from New Zealand are also very worth checking out - sorry I don't have the song titles redface

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Counting crows - colour blind.
Theres a few Kosheen songs im quite fond of aswell. xxx

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Yes, Counting Crows! They write beautiful songs too, I love 'This Desert Life', that whole album is fantastic.

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Bob Dylan

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Counting crows ubblove

august and everything after has to be their best though..

mr jones
anna begins

sooo great

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has no one else actually heard of the eels

they have 6 albums of beautiful songs, and thats not including the lead singers solo albums, which are also very good

seriously guys, go and buy some motherfunkin eels

I like Languages.

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Nate, I am so with you on the Eels, love them... Fresh Kinda Feeling for a happy song...

Others I thought of today, old school stuff,

Peter Murphy, he has a gorgeous cd out with stripped back versions of his songs using violin, called alive just for love. Strange Kind of love is so haunting, and Marlene Deitrichs favorite poem... classic

Then, Cowboy Junkies, fabulous version of Blue Moon, and Misguided Angel...

Concrete Blonde, Joey

Having so much fun exploring the new stuff everyone is introducing!

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both of these tracks give me major goosebumbs everytime

Kingsize & Eternity - Touch Of Magic (Uplift & Stargazer Remix)

Cloudskipper & Uplift - Revolution

Kangaroo Island eh? I hear that place is really hopping!

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By Qindon Tarver

and a bit offtopic but i finally have fire photos up!

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Bit of a random selection...

Souljacker Part 2
Wooden Nickles
Daisies of the Galaxy (the song, but the whole album too)
Guest List
Rags to Rags
Efil's God
3 Speed
Dead of Winter
Climbing to the Moon
P.S. You Rock my World

A Stroke of Luck
You Look So Fine

3 Colours Red:
Beautiful Day
Fit Boy and Faint Girl

Natasha's Ghost - This

Muse - Falling Away With You

Martina Topley Bird - Lying

Leonard Cohen:
The Famous Blue Raincoat
Coming Back to You.

Royksopp - So Easy

Green Day:
Good Riddance (time of your life)
Wake Me Up When September Ends

Pulp - Underwear

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Yeah... I second Nate...
The above were just my favourites

And Mr E does do a mighty fine solo album, even if they are a bit harder to get hold of.

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America- Simon & Garfunkel
The Boxer- Simon & Garfunkel


It's a very interesting story, Future Boy....!

SCRUBS 146 posts

flower - eels

no distance- blur

history (repeats itself)- aos (natural born killers sound track)

silence(dj teitsio remix)- delerium

lost vagueness - utah saints

iris - goo goo dolls

mad world-gary jules

something I can never have- nine inch nails

hurt-nine inch nails but I have learned to play the cash version

enjoy the silence-depeche mode

all I need - air

night swimming- r.e.m

halleujah- jeff buckleys cover

its a fire- portished

roads- portished

overcome- tricky-much better than massive attacks karma coma

ghetto heaven- the family stand ( soul to soul remix)

soul to squeeze-red hot chilli peppers

nothing ever happens-del amitri

runawy train-soul asylem

time of your life-green day

blury- puddle of mud

stand by me-ben e king

somewhere over the rainbow- nina simone

the power of love- frankie goes to hollywood

conversations kill- stone temple pilots

letting go - nitin sawney

immigrant-nitin sawney

luca-suzane vega

tlak show host-radohead

riverman- nick drake

fast car -tracy chapman

wild wood - paul weller(prtished remix is worth downloading too)

gorecki -lamb

keep on moving- soul to soul

state of indipendence

disarm-smashing pumpkins

she cries your name- beth orton

ooh child- beth orton

hymne of the big wheel- massive attack

maybe tommorow- steriophonics

day in the life-beatles

standing outside a broken phonebooth with money in my hand -primitive radio gods

beautiful tunes

cascade -future sound of london

papua new guinea- future sound of london


the box- orbital


god on the srface of the water-moby

stauntan lick-lemon jelly

must have albums

deep forest-deep forest


"The Mission" soundtrack-ennio maricone

"dances with wolves" sound track- john barry

august and every thin after- counting crows

0- damien rice

beautiful freak- eels

both zero 7 albums

sorry for going on a bit, in my defence I am still in recovery from homelands festival and gnomelands party. I think that I have left important bits of my brain somewhere in hampshire

anyway must go and get some choclate ubblove ubbidea
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wow im puffed just from reading all that!

P.S: Gona find my baby gona hold her tight, gona grab some afternoon delight!

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there are just way to many to JUST mention! Music is part of my life in so many ways!

try these:
Faithless - drifting away
Nova - memories
oxygen - am i on your mind
pixies - where is my mind
bliss - lost souls
sheila chandra - ever so lonely
dead can dance - yulunga (spirit dance)
evanescence - hello
benny benassi - let it be
nelly furtado - turn off the lights (datalux remix)
christina aguilera - beautiful (peter rauofer mixshow)
factor 9 - release me (svenson & gielen remix)

this chill me out so nicely!

Regards hug

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Wow! What a great list! Will you send me a copy of the CD you burned with these songs?! And MAN...sounds like you've lived QUICKLY! 20?! Go, girl!

Aroha, sister of fire-

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Queen- The Show Must Go On
Who Wants to Live Forever

I can't believe I forgot them.

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there is a song on the romanian charts at the moment that i really like "soarele meu" = "my sun" it's really sweet.

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The Shining by Badly Drawn Boy. Absolutley gorgeous song.


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oooh just the thread i was looking for

James Blunt's entire album Back to Bedlamubblove
Especially Goodbye my lover (ALWAYS makes me cry!!!) and Beautiful
Cant believe no-one's mentioned Creep by radiohead! (if they did I missed it!)
kansas - dust in the wind
queen - too much love will kill you
dolly parton - i will always love you
Ben e king - stand by me

and a song by unknown Invernessian band Lymerick Smith (a friend of mine is the lead singer- v talented guy!)- monday night music club (live)
Love those raspy vocals lol ubblove

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too many to mention... but the ones that spring immediately to mind...

last summer - lost prophets
adam's song and carousel - blink 182
good riddance (time of your life) - greenday
chloroform perfume - from autumn to ashes
and anything by a little known aussie band called rumanastone...

plus the thousands that i can't think of right now...

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Dream Theater - Octavarium

Dream Theater - Sacrificed Sons

Steve Vai - For The Love Of God

Joe Satriani - Bamboo

Joe Satriani - Midnight

Joe Satriani - Raspberry Jam Delta-V

HIM - Join Me

HIM - Funeral Of Hearts

HIM - Wings Of A Butterfly

Nightwish - Nemo (Orchestral Version)

Nightwish - Phantom Of The Opera

Nightwish - Everdream

Lacuna Coil - No Need To Explain

Lacuna Coil - Entwined

Muse - In Your World

Muse - Feelin' Good

Apolcalyptica - Bittersweet

OneFinalStep - Glass Wall (I wrote a song about my first gf for the band I'm in... it makes me cry every time I play it... not pleasent memories but the most heartfelt song I've ever written)
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jaques brel - ne me quitte pas

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Too many too list, but lots of;

Joni Mitchell

Nick Drake

Counting Crows




Ooooooh, love the shivvery goosebumpness, burrrgh!! wink biggrin biggrin biggrin

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