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Posted:i can do the behind the back weave in the first direction(poi going forward at bottom of swing) almost flawlessly, and now im trying to do it in the opposite direction, and eventually the turn. I'm doing the motions right )it just feels like the weave), and occasionally i can get through a couple rotations, but for the most part, i'm hittin myself far too much. My stomach, my legs, my back, everywhere. What do I do?

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Posted:continously hitting yourself with the behind the back weave heh?... join the club. no really it is possible just keep work'n it.....

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Posted:try using comets for start...it's more difficult with glowsticks etcsecondly try to slow it down and stretch enough so that your poi clear your body; your problem is probably not that you are not flexible enough but that you don't have the best body positioning and coordination yet but until you learn the optimal body positioning you will have to stretch more and gradually will get it without having to stretch so much...try moving your body more too; it helps; concentrate on keeping the poi away from your body and don't try to rush...i still can't do the btb turn properly but i sometimes get it...i am sorry i wasn't much help i know, i am thinking about one million other things now and can't concentrate properly...if you still have trouble post again and i'll try and check in and answer your questions if i can...the best advise i can give you is probably 'Be Patient' - it's gonna come it's just more 'unnatural' doing it in the other direction but it's just practise like all the other moves (gee now that was helpful!!!)sorry i am not feeling ok today i think i need to go to bed,good luck with it spiffspiff (u 2 1wheelwierdo),Simos [This message has been edited by Simos (edited 24 March 2001).][This message has been edited by Simos (edited 24 March 2001).]

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Posted:All I say is that you need to work on it more cause I am not at all super-flexi and I didn't (and usually don't) stretch to do it.I'm not saying stretching wouldn't help - it just isn't necessary to do it.

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Posted:A few things to bear in mind:You really have to gyrate your shoulders and knees to get them out of the way when doing the btb weaves.Heavier wicks are easier for these moves, IMHO. It is hard for you to exert a lot of force in the btb position, so the extra momentum helps carry them around. By the same reasoning, you need a certain amount of speed. That makes it harder to learn, since you can't slow the motion way down, but it's the only way to get the wicks to swing clear of your body.Turns are tricky. Although I can do both fwd and rvs btb weaves (for some reason, I find the rvs easier), turning is still a problem. There are four possible turns--left or right, and starting fwd or rvs. So far I only can manage one of these--starting rvs, turning right (and for whatever it's worth, I'm a leftie). I'm whacking myself silly trying to get at least one more turn (right now I'm focusing on right turn starting fwd). I find that I really have to concentrate on what my hands are doing, figure out where they need to be, and consciously force them to be there. Eventually it all becomes instinct, but until then, you (or at least I) have to concentrate on what you're doing. I've almost got it, but I keep getting hung up.Pay attention to what your hands are doing with normal in-front turns, where they end up and that sort of thing, and try to carry that over to btb turns.Keep at it--if I can manage it, anyone can.

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Posted:Shit, you guys are too good... I can get the btb reverse kinda right, but i still can't begin to figure out the forward btb weave...cheersnomad

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Posted:i found,, <grimaces at cheesy quote>,its all in the hips.