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If you are keen for some fire recognition in the Bay of Plenty keep reading yo!

Im Huia, I organise fire shows in The Bay of Plenty. I you are interested in performing, you can contact me

Heaps of fun and some definite opportunities in the future.

Keep the fire burning, fire is a force not a toy.

Huia. Mauao twirlers, Mount Maunganui, Aotearoa.

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Loving your life...loving your planet...loving yourself.

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Ive emailed you directly
Would be interested - if cannot make it this time I shall be returning for next season to do shows
So be in contact

Feel the Flame

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Kia ora,My name is Mark.I represent the Central City Circus.I'm keen!I have as many performers as you need!Call me if your keen 0275551338

Kia Ora from the Central City Circus

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Hi Huia, Im keen..
Ive emailed you as well. I have been doing poi and staff for over six years. Now also teach firedancing. Would love to be part of the future..

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proably best if you dont post your number on a public board... you'd best get delete that number and send it to him as a pm... that way, you don't get random weirdos and stalkers calling you....

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or bored me..


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