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Posted:anyone got anything really mad?
i got a single-hand heli to under the leg roll over ankle and catch on the same stick! anyone tried that?

(i'm working on a site... so ya'll can see that s@{_

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Posted:Hi soya !
The craziest i got is also a one stick trick. From a saw, stop, roll over arm (on my side), catch with wristle, throw both stick and devilstick, pirouette (actually 3/4 cause i throw the ds already from my side) and back to propeller.

It seems the link you provided is not working ..?



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Posted:Hi !
I wanted to add that if anyone is looking for some new tricks they can find some on This is a french juggling webiste and here you'd find the devilstick forum with links towards vids

I"m still interested in the link you provided soya !is it working ?
Salut !



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Posted:i got one which i just pulled off

left hand clockwise bell spin, to righthand anti clockwise bell spin, to right hand clockwise bell spin then leg wrap to right leg see-saw let it drop to a left leg kick up smile

Remember.........YOU LOSE!!!


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