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One of the main suspects in the stabbing of Abigail Wichalls spins poi! Theres a picture of him kinda spinnig 4 pages into the dialy express...

Anyways... Thoughts? Comments?

Im trying to find the article on the internet... ill post it here when I find it...

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Posted:Apology accepted. I guess i am a little sensitive about the whole thing. It is all a big nightmare for everyone involved. The saddest thing of all is that i don't think anyone will ever know the truth ubbcrying. Happy solstice to everyone, hopefully now the moon can relax, thanks again xox


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Posted:Take care psyfire


Clare x

Getting to the other side smile


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Posted:Has any body seen the news?

The police are saying that more and more evidence is pointing towards the fact that Richard did stab Abigail.. They said that he was suffering from a manic 'episode'..


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Posted:I heard about what skully said, that she didnt pick out richard. I think its just the police wanting to make the public think they got the right man so they cant get accused of not doing there jobs. Its terrible, I hope if more crap surfaces in the media all the hoppers who knew him will rally together and give there sides of thw story about him.

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Posted:I received an email from Surrey police today.

They said they aren't taking it any further because there is no new evidence.

It's incredibly sad... but this is what the police said in the bbc news story:

"The Surrey Police chief said the decision would be "difficult" for friends and family of Cazaly to accept and added: "There is no prior evidence to suggest he was capable of an act such as this.""

We'll never know if Richard did this or not.

However, I'm going to remember him for the utterly marvellous person he was.


Incidentally, this was also included in the BBC story:
"Mrs Witchalls' father welcomed the announcement and said the family extended their sympathy and prayers to the Cazaly family."

A really kind gesture.


Getting to the other side smile

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Wild Child

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Posted:the people most hurt can often be the one's with the biggest hearts.

hughughugs for Clare, psyfire - a sad end to a sad affair for all

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