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(the person actually known as Chris Bailey)
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Posted:Today has been an awful Friday the 13th. Two weeks ago my friend went missing during a concert. I looked for him for over two hours that night instead of watching the show. He was really intoxicated and I was told by some one i knew to go watch him cause he didn't want to babysit him and that he was out on the picnic table. I went outside and started looking and asking people if they have seen him. After searching for a while I saw a cop car with lights on talking to someone and put someone in the car and I figured they were taking my friend frank to the drunk tank to sober up. But the cops never took him and we have been searching for him for the past two weeks. I guess people who saw him that that night said he was really upset. Well today they founjd his body in the river that runs next to the venue where the concert was at. The cops think it was suicide but it doesn't make sense. He was a recovering heroin addict and he was doing so well. He was working full time never missing anytime, he was just given a nice camping trailer which he was going to live in for the summer so he could be out in the woods. That day he even brought over a pair of poi he made (they were black socks with a multi colored polka dot covering for the heads and thankfully I still have them) because he just started learning the week before. He was really excited about it to after seeing me spin fire. Anyway we had hope maybe he took off since he's left and gone hitchhiking across country before but he always told someone where he was going before and he always brought pictures of his lil brother and sister if he was gonna go traveling and he didn't. He was one of the kindest and friendliest people I've ever met. I found out after he went missing that he stuck up for me countless time when people were talking about me behind my back and his mother told me he considered me one of his true friends. If only I knew this before I could have told him how much it meant to have him as a friend. Sorry for rambling but I'm still a little spaced from all this. I just thought I would post this seeming how he recently joined our ranks as a fellow spinner. What a terrible Friday the 13th besides this within and hour of me there has been 3 shootings a row fire and a second body of a girl found in a cess pool. For me Friday the 13th is always going to be an evil day.

R.I.P Frank Dimattia Jr. frown

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Posted:hug hug

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Posted:hug hug hug hug hug

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Posted:hug x 10000000000
Theres not alot i can say that will help.
So i'll just say that my thoughts are with you, i'm sorry this happened, and sometimes bad things happen to good people.
At least your friend was moving on before he left. It could have been much worse if he had died of an overdose. Quitting heroin and finding new interests may just ahve made him that little bit happier. Perhaps it wasnt suicide, have you lexplained all of this to the police? Maybe they'll look for a better answer.

I hope you'll be alright

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Oh how horrible. I'm sorry.

I don't have any good advice because I haven't yet lost anyone close to me.

Just know that we're all hear to support you.

My thoughts are with you, buddy. hug

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Posted:Am sorry to hear that.

You will be very upset for a while... but stay strong and cherish his memory.

All the best hug

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Posted:ubbcrying man thats heavy........*wipes tears away*
suicide is so awful, ive had friends try it....not good at all....
dont know what to say......just stay strong...

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im so sorry to hear that.

hug hug hug hug :hug

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Posted:frown frown frown hug hug2 hug

I agree with what sakura said, at least he went climbing upwards...

hug hug

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Posted:hug hug hug

I lost a friend to suicide three years ago and it was hard to deal with. No-one had any idea how he had been feeling so it was quite a shock. It definately a difficult thing to get your head round.

I hope you are ok and you have friends and family around you to support you hug

my thoughts are with you hug


Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Words fail me. frown

hug hug hug


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Posted:hug hug hug
thinking of you... hug


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Posted:Sorry to hear this frown

It's so sad that you didn't have the chance to say goodbye to each other, but I hope it's of some consolation that, in a world which had been dark for him, not only had he found brightness in the form of your friendship, but he valued it highly. And the way you described him moving on in his life is an inspiration we could all learn from.


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(the person actually known as Chris Bailey)
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Posted:Thank you everyone. This all means alot to me. Tonight some of his close friends got together and we made a big dinner. I gave a toast and then we told stories and shared memories. After a while we went and spun fire in the rain for an hor or two. Even though I never rally wanted a tattoo because I only really like them if people have a reason for them, I think I might want to get the little green dude on the cover of the Ultimate Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy tattooed somewhere. I would change it a little and have him with his thumb sticking out. Frank and I talked about getting this sometime and I think I might eventually have it done. I need to think of a place where it's out of the way. I was thinking about the bottom or top of my foot but those seem painful and if it was on the bottom I think it would get distorted and fade very quickl;y. Anyone with tattooing experience know anything about this? Once again thanks everyone and lots of love. hug hug hug

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:You're right, feet are not a good place for tattoos.

New tattoos need looking after, they're generally covered up for a few hours after going on, then you need to keep them away from baths/showers for a few weeks.

On the feet they're exposed to a lot of stress from sweat etc.

Having said that, I've got pure black ink tattoos on my feet that were put in using a 'hand set-up' (ie not with an electric gun), and the ones on the side of my feet have stayed OK-ish (faded slightly)- the ones on the sole have faded badly.

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Posted:hug2 hug hug2

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The Tea Fairy

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I am sorry for your loss.

My ex got his first tattoo on the top of his thigh to keep it hidden, doesn't hurt too much there. I've got three tattoos, two of them are in memory of people i've lost, the other one is for me that I got when I started to feel like I was healing from those losses. I don't regret any of them, I think it's a nice way to pay tribute to someone or something important to you.

Once more, hug

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(the person actually known as Chris Bailey)
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Posted:Thanks for the info on the tattoo's OWD and Tea Fairy. I really appreciate it. Oh and pink too for the old school Hug Smileys. hug2

The services are tommarow and Wensday but tonight I get the good graces of talking to the cops about it for the 4th time. I really wish they would leave it alone. I doubt any one will ever know what really happened. I wouldn't mind talking to them so much but it seems they are getting more skeptical of what happened going as far as asking before he was found if "maybe he hit his head and we went and buried him in the woods so as not to get in trouble". I almost hung up when they asked me that. I was the only one who looked for him that night and I feel like the accused. Sometime I think they should teach courses in compassion and sympathy to cops. It seems some but not all severly lack it.

I just finished talking to him and he is probably one of the nicest cops I've ever met. There are some bad egotrippin power hungry bastrads out tehre but saying all cops are bad is an awful generalization. I'm pretty sure now it was just a horrible acident his body was found in the water right outside the waterfront where I was looking for him. They have videos of the area the cops are going to look at adn see if they can see him fall and or jump in. The detective says he'll call me and let me know what their final judgement on the case is and if anything shows up on the tape. Hopefully by the end of this week all of us that knew Frank will have closure.

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Posted:I think i speak for every one on HOME OF POI when i say i was deeply moved by your story and how sorry i am th at this could happen to such a perfect person ubbcrying hug grouphug hug grouphug

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(the person actually known as Chris Bailey)
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Posted:Oh Frank was far from perfect but he was a kind person and he would do anything for friends and that is why this is so tragic. There is not enough people like him in the world anymore. If you find someone like that hold onto them cause they are a dieing breed.

Peace, Love, Circles

Doc Lightning
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Posted:frown hug

-Mike )'(
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Posted:ubbcrying hug Its so sad when things like this happen, but at least he had turned his life around and was on the up. hug hug2 hug2 hug2

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Posted:I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad you have friends to send you hugs and support you, and though I dont know you, I send you mine too...

In the last few months I have expereinced the deaths of several people close to me.Though I know it is part of life,( we are all coming and going, nothing permanent ) my heart still feels them missing. A lot of saddness and unfinished conversations in my head.

For me, I feel it is a reminder to treasure the people we love, to not postpone anything, act now, speak now, never assume you have tomorrow, or that your friends and loved ones " know" how you feel. Tell them, touch them, share your love in direct ways. I regret that I did not always do this, and am using the understanding that regret to change how I behave, a gift ...

As far as suicide goes, I know many people consider it an act of anger or irrational in some way, hurtful. I dont necessarily agree with that. It sounds like your friend was on the way up, so may be it was not his choice, and something else happenned. But, for some people, it is just that, a choice, when they are tired, when things get too hard, when they simply want out. The thought for me is comforting in some ways, that if ever I need to, I can leave...

Regardless, I just want you to know my thoughts are also with you, and that though nothing fills the empty spaces when our friends die, they live on in our memories and our hearts.

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Redneck Woman
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Posted:If you need to talk and you see that I am on, Pm me...
I know what you are going through...
It helps to talk, I promise. grouphug grouphug grouphug grouphug

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