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Member Since: 15th Mar 2005
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Posted:So I took a little trip through new brunswick to busk, when I was in st john some drunken [censored] kicked my kero bucket at me, if it were closer it probably would have caught my legs on fire. I would have pummled him with my staff but I decided I didn't want to go to jail. I just can't understand people. I could have been injured and he could have been charged for assault. I still could probably charge him but I don't believe in calling the cops.


mischeivious pixie
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Posted:thats well harsh mate...some peole are just idiots! mad

i was poiing at a train station once, minding my own business waiting for a train and these kids started throwing stuff at me! charming.

i think alot of it is closed minds and boredom.

mind you in your case, the bloke was probably so off his head he didnt know what he was doing (or care for that matter)....it doesnt excuse the danger he caused to you, himself and other people around you.
it probably wasnt anything personal so dont worry too much about it.


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Posted:If you're going to busk with fire you'd best get prepared for occasional behaviour like that- there's plenty of idiots and drunks out there.

Keep most of your fuel in a lidded container and keep the actual dipping bucket in a place where it's not open to being kicked by passing drunks.

Mark out a barrier to seperate the viewing public from your performing space.

It's not just drunks you need to watch out for, there's also young children who've got no conception of the danger of fire, who will just walk up behind you; etc.

It's a good idea to pick a spot with a wall behind you to stop that happening.

If you're going to be busking fire it's really down to you to go to great lengths to ensure that the public aren't going to get hurt.

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Posted:we were at a festival once just arming and playing around and Stevo dropped one of his lit poi... some drunks started laughing and kinda jeering him...

I was pairing with a girl Lolli and couldnt really go over to them, but i called across and asked if they'd like to try... they stopped laughing.. if you're not prepared to try (and find out how difficult it actually is) then you have no right to laugh, do you?...

needless to say they dissapeared very quickly!

Regards hug

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Posted:Im always getting something throwen at me by kids...... I rem when me and firepoise went busking at christmas ans got hasseled by some drunk because we wouldnt give him our money. Not to mention the other day I was in the shop minding my own, when a 5yr old starts following me around the shop calling me a goth (Im not a goth) and then right in fromt of his mother he kicked me....his mother just shrugged her shoulders. I mean come on if I had of done that when I was younger I woulda gota clip round the ear......Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (ok mini rant over)

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Still wiggling
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Posted:Ahhh discipline... whatever happened to giving children a smack around the legs?

All my mum needed was the threat... ubbangel

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Posted:I'm all for kicking kids if they kick you first (not the full swing please just so they get the idea) devil

As for the kero bucket I can only agree with Dave (funky on CoL5 by the way). Some people are just not thinking so you have to do that for them (which you might take as a comliment). You are actually lucky noone caught fire. Sadly you might have to leave the fire at home if you can't be sure that passers by respect your busking space.

Try flags and led-poi, they are effective but safe.

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Location: middle of the outback
Member Since: 12th Jun 2004
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Posted:Oh, sorry, you do staff... well, try led staffs and attaching long tails that glow in UV light... very nice too.

hm, pinecones, my favourits!


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Member Since: 10th Apr 2005
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Posted:Was he aware it was fuel, it could be he though it was water. This is no excuse for the behaviour but it might be worth making sure dipping buckets etc are Clearly lablled etc. I usually use a SPC fruit container, sutiable for fuel and Breakfast as I an seal it and wont break if dropped/kicked etc.

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Posted:People can be such sh*theads. I still remember practicing a two-sword routine in our front yard, and my mother getting all pissy with me. She accused me of "prancing around, acting the fool" in such a condescending voice that I just wanted to slap the handles of my homemade swords into her hands and say "Here. If I'm making a fool of myself, how about you show me how to really use these things?"

Of course, my mother knows NOTHING about weapons play.

As for the kid who kicked Tainted, that's just pathetic. I say the kid deserves a good tongue lashing for that and if his bovine mother tries to start anything, "What? If you were doing your job as a parent, your little precious here would know better by now!"

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Member Since: 7th Nov 2004
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Posted:I've been called a goth by more little buggers than I can count. It's always fun to go along with it and rant on about how your dark lord is going to devour their pathetic souls...you know or something like that. I wear to much color to be gothy, but you know, kids are kids.

As for the people. People are dumb, it's not just kids that walk right up to you while spinning, I've seen what I thought were somewhat intelligent people walk in front of and almost get whacked. Tailed poi, but still, it's obvious I'm there. Stupid people. And there's always the one person in the crowd you imitates the hand motions and makes stupid faces while you do it. Actually blew up at this one guy once, he was being a real ...butthead(butthead being a somewhat appropriate word) Making fun of all the acts at the festival. Diablos, Indian dances, Spainish dances, other such nifty things.
Sorry, I rant. Love you all

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Member Since: 17th May 2005
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Posted:People are inconsiderate at times,but like someone said if your going to busk,being in a public place you need to be prepared for whats being thrown at you (in your situation kicked at you).
a group of my friends fire dance and such outside a local "goth" club and people are so stupid and walk right under and past them while theyre fire breathing. people see you there and dont always think. tis a shame though, any more accidents in the hamilton city area caused by drunken idiots,not the fire dancers, and Fire activities are going to be banned in the city centre during night club hours! frown