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(the person actually known as Chris Bailey)
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Posted:Today I was spinning in the park on Main street in my town for about two hours. Since the only people in my town are people who I have spun for alot of people would watch or at least look while I they drove past. Anyways after about an hour and a half a group of children ages 5-11 came out from their afterschool program to play outside since it was so nice out today. Once they saw me of course they were all interested and wanted to watch so I spun a little show for about 10 minutes and they loved it. I was answering questions and stuff and fake hitting myself in the face to make them laugh. Anyways one kid askied if he could get my autograph and then all the kids started getting all excited and asked for my autograph and I couldn't get out of it. I tried to say no but I had no clue how to tell a bunch of kids this when they were so excited so I wrote my name on little peices of paper for all of them. It was really embarassing especially cause one of the girls who runs the program went to school with me, I felt like such a big dork. It was well worth the blushing though cause it really made their day. I even promised them I would come back sometime next week and do more tricks for them. This definatly brightened my day tremendously. biggrin

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man, kids are drawn to poi like moth to a flame... i was in france with my stepdad's family, and they'd all brought there kids... i had loads of poi... only a few managed to survive frown i just can't say no to their cute ickle faces...

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Posted:Right back at ya biggrin


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Posted:frown I've given away magic trick secrets because of that before. Tis verily cool to show off manip skills to such an inviting audience. biggrin

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Take along some sock poi with soft filling and see what they can do. Kids are great!!

Talk to your friend in the after school program and maybe teach poi to the little sweeties.

Great stuff

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Posted:Kids are the best audience. I used to do a knife juggling act in our circus and all the kids would be like "are YOU the one who juggled SWORDS!!!!" and it was really fun.

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i used to find it quite fun pefroming for kiddies - we used to go get my niece and nephew from school and it started as just playin around in the park to having an audience of about 30 kids who were on their way home school - then we had all the neighbours stand on their porches to watch too. It won my niece and nephew popularity for the week and when went to get them from school - all the kids would ask are u the fire lady? - and when are you coming back?.

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Posted:I have worked with kids since i left college at 19 and still find saying no to them an issue they have played with all my toys bar my heavy staff. There great with them and love them. feel proud ya most likely made there day

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Posted:Written by: Rovo

It was well worth the blushing though cause it really made their day.

Job done... wink

I was at a juggling convention this weekend and a wee girl of probably about 10 years came up and asked me to do the renegade. Somehow i didn't have the heart to turn her down.


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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:and a fine renegade it was too biggrin thank you smile (btw - I don't think I met you properly but hello! wave )

Rovo - I giggled immensely when reading this and then felt all warm - ubbrollsmile You did good.

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(the person actually known as Chris Bailey)
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Posted:Thakns everyone. ubbrollsmile

I am pretty sure I'm gonna go back next week. I promised them I would show them some new tricks.

Gnorc- I was thinking of bringing some poi for them to try next time because they wanted to see mine but I couldn't really let them. I have pretty heavy and long sock poi(rock filled tennis balls for weights). I bet the poi were longer then some of them were tall. ubblol

Kids make the best audience because they are so amazed by anything you do. I'm pretty sure I'll be back to see them next week.

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Hampshire College, MA, USA
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Posted:One time, I was walking around my neighborhood on stilts, and a couple little kids, age 6-8ish, were playing ball outside with their mum. As soon as she saw me, the little girl ran up and asked me "can I try that when you're done?" She was so cute, it just killed me to say no. I told her that they were too big for her feet. Little kids are so nifty!


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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:mate!!!! kids round my way would most probably steal ya poi given the chance, (haha) but i let the landlords daughter of my local pub and her mate have a spin and it most definately made their day. it gives you such an enormous sense of well being making other people happy with the simplest of things hug


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Posted:Ah I work in an after school club part time, so much fun, great job!

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Posted:I find little kids respect me now. The gang of kids who throw stones at people passing by dont throw them at me now because i am , in their words, "that weird guy who does the fire thingy." weavesmiley


Scientist of Fortune
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Posted:My mothers just become the headteacher of a primary school on a small island. She had a look around in the (neglected) store cupbourd and found a bunch of poi! When I next visit I get to teach the whole school! weavesmiley biggrin weavesmiley

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Posted:10 years teaching chemistry times 150 kids a year times 180 days a year...

It gets easier to say "No"... wink

Of course I totally let about 10 kids tear up a field with my poi at our little poi in the park today... so I guess it's different when it's afterschool. biggrin

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