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Posted:i have searched on google for software to compress videos, so i can finally get some shite online, i couldnt find anything that actually compresses stuff

its all programsthat convert compressed, encoded, videos into normal playable in quicktime videos

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Posted:Get yourself a copy of quicktime pro. All you need for this is the code (try googling 'smx saltmine' for codes). When you enter it on a normal version of quicktime it unlocks the pro features.
If you havnt got the latest one theres a link on the videos page of my site (sorry cant remember the direct link)
Among the pro features is an export feature you can use to change file formats and compress. I use .mov, when you export go to options and change the video settings to sorrensen 3 if you've got it otherwise try motion jpeg. experiment with different settings. i find limiting the data rate to about 100 or 200 and a keyframe every 125 frames (roughly) gives a fairly small good quality file. if they are still too big change the output size of the video to 320x240.
Hope that helps it took me a while to get my head round it too.

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