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Black Gnosis
Black Gnosis

Location: Caucasia, the land of gringos
Member Since: 5th May 2005
Total posts: 27
Posted:hinki back to your first twirl toy that got you into your hobby, mine was a simple glow stick on a shoe string...i was bored last summer, then i got two and tried swinging them together and kinda remembered something from the polynesian cultural center....this soon spread researching glowstringing which mentioned an article about the maori people and then whoo-bam! i find this site, i made another account but i forgot the password...anyways soon i went from shoestring poi to home made poi with felt and chains, clothes, socks, and eventually my personal ballchain poi, im wanting to light them aflame but i wanna meet expirianced fire twirlers to help break me in the right way so i dont do something stupid... anyways biggrin

any one else remember their first toys and how it got them into it? weavesmiley

Vidi, veni, visa....I came, I saw, I did a little shopping....

Location: Nr Petersfield
Member Since: 26th Aug 2006
Total posts: 120
Posted:I was spinning any sort of stick I found for around 2 years before I even caught wind of fire staffs or staffing or anything like that. I picked up a fire staff at a party one night that someone had brought and ordered my Fyrefli 120cm within 3 days. I'd also, seperately, ordered some Poitoy orbiters for 5 on eBay around the same time and while the tails shredded themselves within a day of use, the tennis balls in them lasted for a week and then my fire poi and some fluffy practise poi arrived. And some LED glowsticks. And a short staff.

Unfortunately my Fyrefli was faulty and I still haven't gotten the replacement yet...this was about a week and a half ago that all this started and seeing as I have nought to do with my time during the holidays I have advanced rapidly smile


Location: Cornwall
Member Since: 6th Jan 2006
Total posts: 154
Posted:i used 99p juggling balls for about a year and a half, they were tiny!! but as balls dissapear often the cheapness was essential, i must have got through over a hundred of these.
then one day i tried good balls and i no longer buy cheap stuff.


Location: USA
Member Since: 27th Jan 2004
Total posts: 187
Posted:Started poi, with some lead fishing weights on the end of fishing line. That put me off of poi for a couple years.
Started staff was a toothpic bo from tae kwon do Dojang. But then I lost it in the house fire.

Im a Thespian, But I'll Act Normal Around You Guys


Member Since: 2nd Sep 2006
Total posts: 9
Posted:I first picked up a set of chains that a friend had and it all went downhill from there!! biggrin

I just bought a pair of the snake poi from HOP and I can't wait til they get here.


Learnin About Burnin
Location: Michigan
Member Since: 31st Aug 2006
Total posts: 385
Posted:My first poi just arrived today from HOP. Also got the DVD on Art of Poi and also Art of Staff. Great info and they make it so simple. Glad I bought fluffy poi, they don't hurt so much when you hit yourself with them.

Looking forward?? to learning how to actually spin them and to have some fun. No fire for a long time for me. Oh yeah, if none of you have caught the COL 2 DVD or Sage Behind The Flame, you have to see them. Totally awesome!! weavesmiley weavesmiley

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Member Since: 2nd Sep 2006
Total posts: 9
Posted:I did catch the Sage:Behind the flame and I thought it was great, definitely gave me some ideas. biggrin


Location: Gloucester England
Member Since: 10th Jul 2006
Total posts: 985
Posted:my first toy was a fire devilstick which then lead to fire breathing i then like moved onto staff so yeah i have done lots and lots helps theres loadas spinners round my area

he he i am mike the amazing gloscircus person who is mike.

Officaly an exception to the Poi Boys are Girls Thing

Location: Edmonton
Member Since: 21st Sep 2006
Total posts: 31
Posted:My first toy was actually a "blacksnake" whip from my grandfather, which is actually a short whip with a blackjack built into the knot of the handle, and a tougher thong up near that region. Built to fight, really.

Playing with that was probably deadlier than getting into firewhips, heh smile


Location: Vernon, BC
Member Since: 26th Sep 2006
Total posts: 3
Posted:My first poi were poitastics (beanbag things with long blue tails), bought from Belva, a fire spinner @ the Kimasket Music Festival, aug 4 2006, Vernon, BC. And my first fire poi and LED poi arrived in the mail today... havent even got them yet, they are at the post office... im sooo stoked for my first burn on SAT!!!

I am (B)!!! Cower before me and you shall be spared in the coming apocalypse!!!



Member Since: 3rd Jun 2006
Total posts: 117
Posted:For a staff I just have a broom handel, my poi are just old socks with bags of dirt in the ends.

Too many secerets are locked in side your minds, but your all equal in life, equal in love. your all building castels in the sky dreaming of a better world.

faith enfire
faith enfire

wandering thru the woods of WI
Location: Wisconsin
Member Since: 27th Jan 2006
Total posts: 3556
Posted:yellow and orange zuni tails
nylons with socks
b/w striped socks with tennis balls
mop handle staff yellow with blue grip tape

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Location: Cambridge
Member Since: 12th Nov 2006
Total posts: 8
Posted:My first toys were meteor.... bit different eh?
I'd done stuff beofre but the first I owned was meteors!


Member Since: 10th Oct 2005
Total posts: 276
Posted:My first toys were balls with rocks inside to get some weight, and hooked to a line.

They ended their life span when I did my first fire practice, a week before I would recieve proper fire poi.

They burned pretty well for a few seconds then rocks came raining all over..

Not surprising but it was pretty funny. And downright dangerous.


marmite and nutella sandwich
Location: Farnborough, Hampshire
Member Since: 19th Jun 2006
Total posts: 1590
Posted:Mine were cobra 2 poi. I found them from www.iwantoneofthose.com and bought them from www.oddballs.co.uk

THE hop Pyro.
(with parents)


Member Since: 20th Mar 2007
Total posts: 10
Posted:I started just playing with large torches spinning them around making all kinds of crazy patterns. Then after that I started fire breathing on my own (bad idea). I almost got burned. I learned all I could find about it. And got someone to be my safety. Now I want to invent some crazy new fire toy.


Member Since: 20th Mar 2007
Total posts: 10
Posted:when I said learned all about it that was after I almost got burned.


Member Since: 15th Mar 2007
Total posts: 3
Posted:Hey =] I guess my first introduction to spinning anything was baton, YEARS ago, when I was 6 or so. Got to spin fire baton when I was older, totally cool. I'd never heard of Poi, living in northern Ontario. Met my PoiBoi, who blew me away with his spinning. SO, he helped me make my first set of Poi this weekend, rubber balls with streamers and a small bell on each, with sunshines (of course) on the balls. Now, to practice, practice, practice! (Soooo glad I have high ceilings).. lol



Member Since: 22nd Nov 2006
Total posts: 22
Posted:6' quarterstaff, solid wood. like .. 4 years ago?
Followed by a 5.5' fire staff from concentrate (purches here). Got it after a friend introduced me to fire spinning. Stick is too short. *grumbles*
Built a 6' contact fire staff, that's what I'm starting to get good on. Built a month ago.

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old hand
Location: Cambridge, UK
Member Since: 10th Feb 2007
Total posts: 719
Posted:My first thing I actually owned was a firestaff. Still got it. Then I made a pair of fire nunhucks. Then I made 2 more. Then I made a fire 3 sectional staff.

Your Face!
Location: el paso, tx
Member Since: 15th Jul 2003
Total posts: 1173
Posted:I remember my first set of poi. I got them from a kite shop in berkley, california. The handles where made of leather,the leads where made of hemp rope,the bags where blue corderoy stuffed with pinto beans,and they had double tails baid from some ble and purple paisley patterened material. when ever it would get a little windy the tails would whip me in the face.

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-Albert Einstein-

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Location: Groningen
Member Since: 19th Jul 2006
Total posts: 162
Posted:The first thing I got was a fire staff, about 2 years ago. I made it all by myself (with some help of a friend biggrin).
Then I bought a set of poi, just the usual very cheap ones.
Now I have four sets of poi and I'm making a new fire staff.

Sunshine or rain, it's not anymore the same...


HoP mage and keeper of the fireballs
Location: Palmerston North
Member Since: 4th Nov 2005
Total posts: 1965
Posted:my first spin was with glowsticks and shoelaces but the first toys that i got wjere a fire staff and a set of tail poi and i still have both of them tho i rarely use the tail poi any more unless I'm teaching multiple persons.

May my balls of fire set your balls on fire devil


Member Since: 20th Sep 2003
Total posts: 6650
Non-Https Image Link

ubblol that's my first companion, eating my first toy... wink

confused am I offtopic or is it you? redface wink ubblol ubbangel

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink


Member Since: 16th Apr 2007
Total posts: 13
Posted:My first Poi were these tennis balls on nylon string, with tassles tied on. That was last year.

I've still got them and use them as practice Poi for when I learn new tricks.

They're pretty solid and hurt when you hit yourself with them, which is a good incentive to learn the damned trick and stop whacking yourself!

I've just got my first Diablo.


One day penguins will take over the world
Location: Derby
Member Since: 15th Aug 2006
Total posts: 916
Posted:well MY first toys were some home made sock poi (black and red stripes, can you get much better?!) but the first ones i tried were NOns sock poi biggrin

ummmm...........anybody have any suggestions as to what i can put here?!

mjk is monitoring your interwebs!


Location: Free falling through time
Member Since: 9th Feb 2005
Total posts: 1207
Posted:My first toy was an el cheapo set of devil sticks that my parents bought me at the queenstown winter festival way back in 1999, but after they broke i gave up the arts for a while, until in 2005 I got a staff, and from there, i didn't stop learning new toys

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Owned by clarence_quack


Location: Leeds
Member Since: 14th May 2006
Total posts: 694
Posted:Globalz led poi. They were really, really crap as all the beads came out, the LEDs broke and the handles broke. I took them back and got some Cobra 2 poi instead. The handles and cord on them were cack though so I just got some black sports socks and put tennis balls in.

Then some glowsticks on strings
Then got some green foxy socks from HOP
Then rainbow poi from hop (taken handles off and put glow in socks)
Then normal sized monkey fist fire from hop with leather handles and oval links
Then white foxy socks from HOP
2 LED wand things from HOP (waiting for)
Now some cone poi from hyperloop (waiting for)

I still use the green socks because the white ones are too stretchy. Ive sticked up loads of holes in the sock ends and the superglue holes that appeared from the glue.
My mate uses the white socks


Lizzy hearts sunshine hoop
Location: midlands!
Member Since: 2nd Jul 2007
Total posts: 272
Posted:some black with white dots hand made poi with little red ribbons on the ends and juggling balls in them. pigeon made them for me and i love them to bits though they are now very very well worn. i think when they reach the end of their life i might patch them up and keep using them...feeling a little sentimental :P

if i could be a busy busy bee...


Location: Leeds
Member Since: 14th May 2006
Total posts: 694
Posted:Can anyone 'beat' these? Im sure someone will be able to

Non-Https Image Link

How has a hole developed 1/2 way up where I hold them after wrapping around my hand? i must have the grip of an eagle (no comment!)

I love them though, totally non stretch. As you can see id be a really good surgeon!


Elusive and Bearded
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Member Since: 2nd May 2007
Total posts: 3597
Posted:my first staff was a 6 foot broom stick


Owned by Mynci!

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