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We were rehearsing our "mirror" show yesterday, I with my practice poi and it got off to a bumpy start. We stopped and Prom started picking on me. it seems that without thinking I switched the poi around to opposite hands and then they flowed much better. I picked up my show poi and checked them, realising I do the same thing there. It's like I can't spin without a specific poi on it's designated hand. The only reason I noticed it is because Prom pointed it out, as it seems to be something completely ingrained in my subconcious.That and I also always wear this arm band I have, no matter what type of show I am doing. I don't know if it's good luck or what but it is definately a show habit.Anyone else suffer from these oddities? Little habits you do to get ready for show or whatever???Just curious.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir..."I prefer not to go where there is a path but to blaze a new one!"

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whenever i have glow sticksthe aqua one is on the left and the green is on the rightand when i spin with fire it doesnt matter which poi is in each hand because for some reasion i usially end up with clumpy melted hair..... wait i lie!!! im much better then that... most of the time

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the aqua one is on the left and the green is on the right
and friends make fun of me when i have to put the red stick in my right hand and the yellow in the left. It just throws me off...everyone has their own little quarks that either prepares them mentally, or just for superstition..Hell Micheal Jordon wore his College shorts underneath his Bulls Pants ever pro game he ever worked for him.------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown

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yaahhhh!!!im special enough to be quoted!!!another thing... i like the red beaming poi on the left and the red beaming poi on the right but if they are reversed it totally messes me up tongue wink

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Yeah... I've experienced that kind of thing too. Sometimes it gets on my nerves so I try to switch stuff around on purpose to try learn to compensate more.Just a side-note, I'm not a pyschologist or anything, but from talking to different people, and my own observations, I tend to think that a lot of the people that get deeper into stuff like this (poi, juggling, etc.) have some obsessive-compulsive tendancies a little.I don't mean to say that we're all strangely obsessed (even though we probably are, but that's another story..hehe). Just that I think there tends to be a bit of comfort in the repetitions of practice, and an easier time of recognizing patterns and breaking out and falling into them.Then again, maybe it is just me... smile

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my old poi were different colours, (one red UV, one yellow UV). I always had to have the red in the right hand. but now i;ve made a set that are both yellow UV so, as with my fire poi, if i cant tell the difference between them i dont seem to care.

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same with me.i use loops on my poi,so it's like wearing shoes.

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