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Posted:Some may remember that last year I put together a video of clips showing yo-yo players doing tricks that might be applicable to poi players.

Since the hyperloop buzzsaws and such are getting more interest lately and because a lot has evolved in yoing since then, here is another video along those lines. In the spirit of MCP, I grabbed footage from some other people and stuck it together. wink Because of that and general lack of time, no music or fancy editing. However, I did group the tricks loosely by different categories and from easy to hard. I also put numbers in the upper left corner for each trick, so we have an easy frame of reference if anyone wants to discuss one in particular.

25megs and about four and a half minutes long. Here it is (remember click first, THEN save as):
All footage is from here (Japan Nats and West Japan clip videos) and here (2005 Japan Nats 2A division).

I may make another one focusing more on yo-yo style wraps later on, but it turned out there was enough footage just of hyperloop buzzsaw style tricks to fill up an entire video!


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Posted:Insane!!! eek

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Just in case some people haven't seen these yoyoers

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Posted:Good bump.
That edit is really good.
I have learnt that Japanese people are automatically good at Yo-Yo-ing when they are born. rolleyes

I particualy liked the short atomic hyperloop clip. smile

hug2 Nice one Shaun, cheers for that.


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Posted:great bump, thanks muchly hug

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Posted:blimey charlie


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Posted:I am feeling dizzy, better go lay down ... and I thought hyperloops were tricky ...




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Posted:Bloody 2A yoyoers... Stealing the thunder from the rest of us in yoyoing as well as poi.



This guy has the 2005 world yoyo contest videos amogst some other things. Check out 2A for the poi influnced stuff. 5A aslo has some stuff that looks rather influnced by metors

Hell... Watch every one of them anyways. Amazing stuff =D

EDIT: Oh! I've not seen the Japan national 2005 2A stuff yet... Thanks for the vids. I'll watch them later!

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Posted:holy crap i had no idea! i used to play around with yoyos a bit but i never thought that hyperloops and tangle tricks were possible with them thats incredible


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