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Posted:Ok, so Iv just got into fire spinning and the poi are my weapon of choice right now. I have a friend that likes to spin frisbees (freestyle, not ultimate, like the game) and me and another spinner I know are thinking of making a fire frisbee for him.
How would you go about doing this? Bearing in mind I know you can get fire juggling balls etc... The edge has to stay fire free, and the bottom of the frisbee cant be modified at all cos of smoothness of spinning i think.
I was thinking of somehow attaching a roll of wick in a circle around the centre of the top of the frisbee, with something or other to stop it getting too hot to handle/melting etc...

Any ideas? or is it just a crazy idea that might just not work?

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Posted:Yeah, sorry. saw that right after I posted.
But it doesnt say much about freestyle spinning, im not talking the aerobie stuff here.
Freestyle fire frisbee anyone?
(hehe, thats alliteration for you)


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