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.:* Moon Pixie *:.
.:* Moon Pixie *:.

Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: .:*over the rainbow*:.
Member Since: 7th Apr 2002
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Posted:awwwwww ... I read the little thingy at the bottom that says "Favorite thread (toggle)"....and I thought there was a favorite thread about toggles.... biggrin ubbloco biggrin

I like toggles biggrin

you know those little funny button thingies?

even the word toggle is cool ubbrollsmile

Do you like toggles?


*:...one day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*


what goes around comes around. unless you're into stalls.
Location: Bali
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Posted:Yep toggles come on duffle coats. Whatever happened to duffle coats?

And little satin ones on cheong sams.
And there was a good thing on the old scouts uniform called ganglions or gaggles or.... no wait , it was lanyards. Something to do with string??

Hi Pixie! You are clearly having an at home day on the pooter!!

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....

.:* Moon Pixie *:.
.:* Moon Pixie *:.

Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: .:*over the rainbow*:.
Member Since: 7th Apr 2002
Total posts: 3492
Posted:hehe yup.... I'm so nackered from stiltyness and lack of sleep ...I woke way too early with my cat pulling on my dreads.... I grumbled at her alot

....and now I'm talking about toggles... dear me... i *am* tierd ZZzzZZzZzZzzzzzz

*:...one day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*


Sparkely arty Mormon rainbow fairy
Location: infront of you
Member Since: 18th Mar 2005
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Posted:Yep, toggles are fun, they are such a cool shape, kinda like a bullet. But buttons are fun i genral. and zips, i love the sound they make when they go up and down, and up and down and up and down.


.......Boo, in a vain attempt to procratinate going to school, stalks the forums, writing any old twaddle that comes into her head.......

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.:*distracted by shiny things*:.
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Posted:*giggle* you are so sweet pixie! biggrin and toggles are pretty kewl...of course, they are not to be confused with woggles! which is still funny to say...but woggles aren't nearly as a kewl as toggles!! ubblol


do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good to eat!

if at first you do succeed, try not to look too astonished!

smile! grin it confuses people!


Pasta of Muppets
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Posted:Moon pixie does that mean that looking like a wedding cake is a pre-requisite to thinking about toggles? biggrin



big and good and broken
Location: lunn dunn, yoo kay
Member Since: 29th Aug 2002
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Posted:toggles can be dangerous when placed in the possession of children and are likely to cause severe emotional trauma, centred around 'goat-fear'.

when duffle coats are worn near a petting zoo, there can be only one outcome, and it is not good.

the toggles will inevitably attract billy goats which then tend to want to chew said toggles due to their insatiable hunger.

the close proximity of the goats satan-like eyes to the child's face scares the child and makes them exceptionally wary and untrusting of goats for a good many years.

at least that's why i don't wear my duffle coat any more...

cole. x

"i see you at 'dis cafe.
i come to 'dis cafe quite a lot myself.
they do porridge."
- tim westwood


Say what?
Location: Surrey/Portsmouth
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Posted:Woah.... I really randomly mentioned Toggles in liquidbubblegum...or was it havokists..thread thats so random!! EEEEEEEEEP!!

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