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Posted:Now that I've poked my head onto the forum again, I started to get nostalgic (as I often do..heh). I was looking at someone's user number that said something like 15,000 and then looked at mine and saw 24! I was like "What the?! Am I really that oldschool?".

So, I'm curious about the others that were around back then, especially the people I met in person at the East Coast Spin Party in Vermont in 2001:
Pele is obviously still going strong, and it looks like Cassandra is still posting (at least I think she was there, or am I thinking of Helene?). I see that Protozoa and Nomad both posted last year but not this year yet.

Those that seem really MIA are ykaterina, Peregrine, jessejames, Jesse, Helene, Princess of Wands, evandra, LinkoHyrule, LiquidNinja, and I'm sure I'm forgetting people who didn't happen to post to either of those threads. Also, what was the name of the guy from Australia that hooked a ride with Peregrine and me? My memory is horrible when it comes to names...

I haven't really progressed much since then (besides the two tricks I just posted vids of), but spinning is still way fun and I hope to get back into it again more over the summer.

Hope to see at least some of you in person again some day.. what a great time that was!


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