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Posted:Just too nice not to be mentioned in an extra thread.

Atomics with one Poi horizontal and one Poi vertical ubbrollsmile

And if you now think - thats simple I can already do this then I say I dont really think that it is that simple hug And I am not one of the worst spinners ubbloco

There is beauty within ubblove



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Posted:I too have started playing with atomics and went through arashi's stuff, but it's going to take a long while to get comfortable - I'll come pester arashi when that's the case ubblol

"Moo," said the happy cow.


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Posted:Thx Andy

Nice description!!! biggrin

I'll try my best & you'll see what happens to an atomic when I beerchug and spin, perhaps even a new atomic creation???

Tonight I'm gonna beerchug beerchug beerchug and spin, tell you next time what happened to the atomics and/or me ubbloco juggle thankx bounce ubblove

hug tina

- Ho Sa -
kisses & peace & love to beautiful madges
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