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Hi Everyone,

As an experienced fire-eater Ive tried many torches and wicks but can't seem to find anything between my own custom cotton torches and my Kevlar type torches. I need something that burns for a reasonable amount of time (like Kevlar) but is damp enough to tongue transfers, etc (like cotton). Don't get me wrong, I love Kevlar but I just find it too dry to drag over my arms and get a reasonable wall of fire. Unfortunately the cotton type of torch needs to be constantly blown out and re-dipped with fuel or they burn.

Is there any type of wick that fits that description? umm


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there are some good torches here
the 'hybrid' wick torches are kevlar outside, cotton inside, considdering gettin a couple myself, or making my own.

hope this helps,

cheers, pete biggrin

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Thanks for the link.

I'll buy a pair of these but they don't seem that incredible but the idea of combining cotton and Kevlar is genius, don't know why I didn't think of it! By the looks of them, you can most probably make your own that would come out better. I use barbeque skewers with 2' non-wire reinforced Kevlar and they are the best torches I have ever used. When i have the time i'll post a picture of what i came up with.


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The design I use is in many respects similar to the mr babache fire eating / breathing sticks, i use 10mm or 12mm duralimin tubing, either 1" or 2" kevlar which additional to the outside material is internally chambered, giving much greater fuel retention and burning times.


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